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12,685.3 + 3 = 12688.3
BTW, where does BB Saxon fall on the scale of Brooks Brothers quality? Had to leave a very pretty suit the other day because of a hole in the leg, first time seeing it in the wild.
Shirts: NWOT CT slim fit, Turnbull & Asser (both available), Lorenzini (n/a)Ties: NWT BB Makers and what's that... [[SPOILER]] Can I count that as a Rag & Bone cherry pop? I'd swear I saw this exact tie when I walked around their store a month ago. Needed a basic green tie, so the BB is helpful. And I've been staying away from CT, but this is properly NWOT quality and a basic pattern in a normal size.
In what universe do you see the Yankees now signing Cano after handing out $85 million to McCann and $153 million to Ellsbury? That's nearly $240 million committed in free agency already, and they were already $100+ million apart from Robby before those signings. I agree if they sign him too they'll be good, but that'd be an absurd payroll, especially after supposedly trying to slim down for luxury tax trickery, even by Yankees standards.
Ellsbury to the Yankees, 7 years/$153 million. That's a big boy contract... If he performs at his skill level it's not an absurd deal, but he sure has had a shaky injury history for me to love it. And while I get you don't want to set a bad precedent with Cano, why commit the money here but not with him?
11,878.1 + 2 = 11,880.1
11851.1 + 3 = 11854.1
Also, passed on a Majer 100% cashmere blue blazer... Because it was pretty worn, including some clearly visible moth wear to the edge of the lapel. Right move, yea? The cashmere was still soft, but your eyes instantly saw the dmg, so I can't imagine it was really flippable/useful.
Finished up the weekend adding some nice things for meself (also cleared some old junk out of the closet to fill out a future GW donation). In the end (all for me, n/a)Ties: Paul Stuart, NWT J Crew, BB Makers, old label BBSC: Southwick (replacing a couple junky SCs from my closet I never wore, this fits far nicer too)Shirts: Paul & Shark, Orvisand an unpictured polo. [[SPOILER]] The only flaw in anything is one cracked button on the Paul & Shark, but I can get that...
New Posts  All Forums: