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Exactly. Just we're talking about 'warning' people and it's been popping up in my feed a lot (so worth getting in front of, IMO)
You are not emptying the store of clothes, wearable clothes, staple clothes, or anything else so a person in need can still easily shop there. You are not robbing them. Goodwill (or any thrift store) sets a price and you are paying it. Their role in the transaction ends at that point. Whether you choose to eat the clothes, wear them, light them on fire, or try to resell them is your business. If they wanted to keep the clothes, they wouldn't put them on the floor (plenty...
Do want.
And that Paul Stuart is quite a nice lil find
Also true. The one recent trip I took down that way there wasn't a ton in my size, but I snagged what I could and for that purpose it was certainly a good deal.
GAHHH even more CT competition.But yeah, be prepared for a lot of individually priced/boutique items.
Yeah, that double rise and the swoop at the end looks almost identical to the Stadler.
DonC: Love it! Odd vests are a funny one, but I like it here.
I know it's an internet house, but does anyone have experience with Combatant Gentlemen so we can go ahead and add them under the worst category? I think because I'm browsing clothing websites their ads are constantly popping up on my Facebook. https://www.combatgent.com Despite their heavy reminding about the 'super 140s' fabric, I can't imagine how terrible a suit must be that they list for that price.
Forgot to add my shakeout run the other day. 11,430.3 + 2.2 = 11,432.5 EDIT - Also my first contribution here Onetwobit. And damn, jbar. Run NY today?
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