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I'm slightly nervous that he's got identical photos for the size 9.5, 8... etc listings.
You = Poop. Also sounds good.
These things are pure sex and my size: http://www.ebay.com/itm/NIB-PAUL-STUART-S-CHOICE-MADE-IN-ITALY-MONGSTRAP-SHOES-sz-13-847-/231319187163?pt=US_Men_s_Shoes&hash=item35dbb2aedb Who wants to buy me an early Christmas present?
ANY BIG GUYS OUT THERE? Have a number of Thomas Pink and Harvie & Hudson shirts, tagged 18.5 or 19. Just too big for me (and too small for my dad). Looking for trades (18 shirts, 46ish in suits, 13 in shoes).
^A PZ Sartoriale blazer was one of the first properly nice things I ever found thrifting. Too small at the time, but lost some weight and it fits now. They're really pretty things.
21,484.7 + 6 = 21490.7
Been a while, thread! I know this is low, but don't want to overshoot. 21214.7 + 15 = 21229.7
Actually bought something thrifting for the first time in a while. Snagged an LL Bean shirt I'd actually been looking at new along with a Chipp X-mas tie (navy with the reindeer names in red). I realized that had been missing from my collection last December. Buuuut... There was a Paul Stuart unlined suit that fit me like a glove... With a giant cigarette burn in the elbow. Sigh.
So these are going in one of your $5 tie threads on AAAC right?
So you're a redditor...
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