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^A PZ Sartoriale blazer was one of the first properly nice things I ever found thrifting. Too small at the time, but lost some weight and it fits now. They're really pretty things.
21,484.7 + 6 = 21490.7
Been a while, thread! I know this is low, but don't want to overshoot. 21214.7 + 15 = 21229.7
Actually bought something thrifting for the first time in a while. Snagged an LL Bean shirt I'd actually been looking at new along with a Chipp X-mas tie (navy with the reindeer names in red). I realized that had been missing from my collection last December. Buuuut... There was a Paul Stuart unlined suit that fit me like a glove... With a giant cigarette burn in the elbow. Sigh.
So these are going in one of your $5 tie threads on AAAC right?
So you're a redditor...
Actually, shirtsnmor, I think almost all (or possibly all) of those Burberry's are Drakes. Isn't that the Drakes "Handmade in England" tag?
^Reminds me, saw my first Faberge in the wild, but giant knot-area stain so naw.
So this thread is off the chains... Thought I'd found something nice for myself, Martin Greenfield navy staple, working buttons, etc for $15 in my size... But closer inspection just showed too many mothholes. Oh vell.A couple pop pops for me. [[SPOILER]] Also, someone 18.5/38 who loves Paul Frederick and bankers shirts must've died/revamped wardrobe/changed sizes/etc.
I just read more carefully, 35 or 36 inseam? Yikes.
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