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I have very limited (basically no) experience with the true high end of shoemakers (closest was perhaps holding some pairs of Vass while in Budapest). But I have to say, I have a pair of Cole Haans that are crazy comfortable.
Can someone confirm for me/link me to info that Gucci is made by the same people as Zegna mainline? Have my eyes on a reasonably priced new Gucci, want to know what I'd be getting.
Posted in another thread, but some random Kiton pocket squares and seven-folds in the last place you'd ever think:
Uhhhh, Kiton hankies for $40 or seven-fold ties for $85. Random selection, but still.
Hi everybody! Have a European vacation coming up in a couple of weeks, hitting these three cities (Budapest, Vienna, Prague). Won't be there for an extended stay, so sadly anything M2M is out. But are there any notable menswear shops worth trying to see in any of these cities for R2W? Thinking classic men's business dress here.
Any advice on how J Press outerwear fits? Thinking of buying this, strongly likely gonna do the 46... Just want to make sure they still keep with their reputation of not being overly slim. EDIT - For what it's worth: I went into the store itself today, since I was in New Haven for work anyways. Ultimately went with the 48L. While they do have a rep for fitting larger generally, the coat is slightly slim cut and, more...
Zegna Couture 11D brown oxfords
Not my style (and description says a bit of dirt on it, though I don't see it), but if you want Drakes for Burberry for cheap... (current bid ~$5, BIN for $40)
22204.8 + 12.4 = 22216.8
Anyone know who makes PRL's Made in Italy shoes, like these: ?
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