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Get over yourself. If your opinion was worth so much someone would pay you to give them fashion advice. I'm just wondering what real people are using that is holding up.
Hey everyone. I know there are threads similar to this, but they all appear to be either old or stupid expensive (200$... ha!). Anyways, my umbrella broke and it has been raining recently. I think I got my last one at walgreens and was reasonably happy with it although it was pretty flimsy. I live in the Chicago suburbs so things are pretty windy around here. I'm looking for a CHEAP (read: under 25$ to get it in my hands) umbrella. Compact would be excellent. I don't...
  That's because he's wearing cut-off shorts and a jacket.
Thanks for the reply. I believe I'm looking to buy the Unbranded 101, The 201 should be the "tapered" fit. Which one did you get? Also wondering, how are you dealing with the inseam? UO website says 34 inch and the Unbranded website says 36 inch. Either way, I normally wear a 32 inseam so thats pretty long. Did they shrink that much, or do you just cuff them, or did you get them hemmed?
Thinking of picking up a pair of the skinny fit. Unfortunately, no place anywhere near me carries these (unless anyone knows a shop in the Chicago suburbs that has them). So I have two questions.   First, from the reviews it sounds like these fit similar to 511s? I wear a 32x32 in 511s so I was thinking a 32 skinny Unbranded should fit. Second, How shallow are the front pockets? Can anyone give me some scale or measurement? Can you fit an entire pen in there?
On the topic of painted shoes, I have some Pumas I'm considering painting. Black fake suede with white fake leather. I'm not sure on the best method or color yet. Any thoughts?     Very similar to these:       Also, those Leopard print pants are sick.
I don't know my exact measurements. I can tell you I'm 6', 145 lbs, 31" in almost every pair of pants (except a few 32" that run small), and I generally buy medium or small t-shirts depending on the brand. I've had mediums where I was swimming and smalls where you could see the outline of my ribs, It all depends on the brand. Compared to other brands of t-shirts and underwear you own would you say that uniqlo runs big or small?
I'm considering ordering a few Uniqlo things through suddenlee and have two questions.   First, has anyone used suddenlee? Good experience? Easier than finding a Proxy and using Paypal?   Second, I'm a 31 waist and generally right on the line between small and medium for underwear and T-shirts. Can anyone tell me if their T-shirts and underwear run on the large or the small side? Should I go with Mediums or Smalls?   Thanks!
I was considering uniqlo, but a little hesitant about not being able to see them in person. I take t from your recomendation that the quality and fit are good then?   And I'm curious, why use suddenlee? Does Uniqlo not do their own shipping?
I saw a few similar threads, but they all seemed to be a few years old. I've been on the search for the perfect underwear for a long time and I can't seem to find anything that is just right. I usually wear 511's, so most of my underwear is trunks or slim boxer-breifs. I'm willing to try out some briefs too, I just don't know what to get. Some favorites I have now are Target's Merona trunks, H&M, Old Navy, and American Eagle. I'm also not willing to spend more than 20$...
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