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Like the the brass eyelet suggestion 2040 sounds good. The picture we all seen posted and the slim profile what last do we Think is that.... But I'm down for some derby love
PSA when your Wife asks why you went to bed so late don't say I had to bone my shell shoes. Apparently that can be taken wrong. Deer bone hunney I swear it helps the leather.
I would die for a cigar LWB I never seem to find the waitlist or catch them when in
What's strange is they just did a navy shell boot just recently
Well in last few months I have noticed two shell boots one in black and they other in navy
Guys I swear they showed up that way. Might helped as the tracking delivery and my call where only minutes apart. I agree that they would look that way after I walked down the street. I just want to be that guy. Also I like them to crease where my foot wants it not there's. It was above and beyond for Jcrew and I recognize that
Good news I got my jcrew LWB bad news they look used Now I have called jcrew and emailed said pictures and they refunded me half the 519 I paid with tax so I got them for 260 for that price I can except the scratch
I appreciate your concern I did actually consider this boot but ultimately decided On the that MTO viberg in the wax flesh instead.I think I might just do the trench for my Brother
Gents my baby brother is graduating from college from college end of this term. My wide and I have decided to give him either a roughout trench from oak street or a rough out viberg. He loves my Vibergs but wants a rough out. There is a good size price difference and I have only had the Vibergs. Curious if me saving a bit would be very noticeable in quality. So any one own both
I talked to guy earlier and he said all sizes are US and allot of people associate it with uk because they run big and fit closer to UK. I find my Barrie/trubalance has worked great.
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