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What's the feeling on there calfskin offerings What's do you think of the quality vs alden
Again down for derby love it just the way it's pictured
I have been pardon on doing these
Nat derby I am all in
Have they shipped... I have received a ups track but does not say from who. Now it won't be the first time I have forgotten a pair but was hoping maybe it's the boot
I believe the past orders have not done direct but where ship to Fok and then to us
The suspense is killing me LOL I can't wait for my boots
I will be kicking my self because I went ahead and did it and I know I will want the brandy to
We have talked in the past about MTO shell but we always hear they only do shell at there store but Leffot has a pre order for shell viberg
I think I am in the minority while I like the distressed look I would much prefer being the way to distress it.
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