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Any one know if Guy is out I email viberg for week no response. I got a pair of boots in ans some how the missed the shoelaces, shoe bags, Venetian cream. All there was the boots wraped in bubble wrap. The boots where perfect but would still like my laces and shoe bags. He might be out town I guess
I know hence why I want every one to leave my brandy Vibergs alone
I think everyone should go with the EG Galway
I personally think you all need to hold on buying anymore Vibergs till next Tuesday. This way you can truly debate this.
Well I wore half
I agree any vass that I can find appear to be more expensive by far
Looks great can't wait to see them paired up
Hell I don't why I am in rush won't be out of my leg cast for 2 more weeks
Guys I love to see some of the natural roughout boondockers being worn. I think i am getting a pair when they restock next week.
I never know ifs office or home is best. They arrive for delivery on Sat but I won't be able to get them till Tuesday due office closing. I hope you guys post some pic of them on.
New Posts  All Forums: