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That's exactly what I was looking for
That would be a nice MTO
Guys I am very sorry if this has been discussed before I did try to search but I am looking at pair carmina I saw for sell at epaulet and not sure how there calf skin compares to alden, crocket and jones, and vass. These would be the calf skin shoes that I currently own.
Could try Vass
I have the hiker in that but not the service boot
And to be honest who is actually going to be doing real workboot type activities in Brandy Shell.I have personally found them to comfortable boots and shoes. I also love my EG, Vass, John Lobb calfskin. I hear allot about hear issues and maybe I just have feet that are not sensitive to heat but I where shell all summer here in Texas and have zero problems
I was log in and had credit card info handy so I by passed paypal and got my confirmation email already
Got me a pair
Any one know if Guy is out I email viberg for week no response. I got a pair of boots in ans some how the missed the shoelaces, shoe bags, Venetian cream. All there was the boots wraped in bubble wrap. The boots where perfect but would still like my laces and shoe bags. He might be out town I guess
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