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Guys I love to see some of the natural roughout boondockers being worn. I think i am getting a pair when they restock next week.
I never know ifs office or home is best. They arrive for delivery on Sat but I won't be able to get them till Tuesday due office closing. I hope you guys post some pic of them on.
Using some emp's discount
I saw that wonder if he will post any pics first
I really like to mocha but have the hiker in that color and have the waxed leather coming as part of the SF MTO. I been waiting for the boondocker in the natural rough out. So not sure
Leffot did one but it's sold out. I take guess here and Brandy will sell out day one or two
I never thought of Ryden as a troll in fact has been very helpful to my unending questions
I been waiting for a rough out boondocker and was planning on natural one but the brown is very nice but I already have the hiker in that color. What sole is that on it in the picture
I know right pretty impressive. To be honest my little Vass spree is Ryden's fault
I am frozen from buying shoes till June 1st. Two pairs of vass have killed me
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