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I hear what you say and believe Paul but they still have enough to allow just about any style MTO with brown shell
All mine are AE travel but do dar have used only the natural on mine
I have the marlow penny and I used to have the patriot so I can honestly tell you there is quite a difference. I high recommend the marlow
I know would of liked the lighter color on the first couple pics to
Yeah but good idea but no dice. I emailed guy I'm sure I will hear something tomorrow
Maybe so
You guys are killing me I sure hope mine are not lost
We'll shoot I hope everything is okay
Any of you guys who got the navy shell boot got the shipping confirmation to work. Got mine Friday but Canada post still has no record
Guy I take your word on it and not worried one bit I have a boot with that sole and it's held up great. I also appreciate how fast you where to correct the issue.
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