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I am to and the reason I held off the MTO
I doubt we could find grain shell but wow that be nice but I would be intrested either way
Finish is fantastic not glaze of alden which for this boot is perfect or the dull over cream of a allen edmomds. My pair is supper nice. Sorry about pic put them on soon as we where back from the rodeo
Looks fantastic got mine today also... But we are at the rodeo so I am wearing these today
The cognac has me interested
Pick mine up tomorrow
Can you tells us about the color please
I hear what you say and believe Paul but they still have enough to allow just about any style MTO with brown shell
All mine are AE travel but do dar have used only the natural on mine
I have the marlow penny and I used to have the patriot so I can honestly tell you there is quite a difference. I high recommend the marlow
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