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any chance you worked out the shipping
Guys any chance any one has gotten the navy she'll penny loafer
I ordered a pair of lodge moc with crepe sole in a 11e I wear a 11 Alden Barrie last and either a 11.5 d or 11.e in allen Edmonds. Did I order the right size do we think
any one have the navy shell penny loaferĀ 
Guys I apologize if talked about before but I'm on my cell and can't get the search feature to work. Thinking the Dawson or grizzle but with hevea crepe wrap. What's the thoughts on the comfort between the two soles.
I been wanting a black shell was gong to order the Alden black she'll 987 penny but I have this. 300 gift card card at Rancort and thought of getting the welt line. Thought any one have a pair I figure I lose some of that Alden glow
Guys I am thinking of a black shell penny loafer Alden 987 can last or the brooks brothers low vamp shell cordovan penny loafer or the unlined one which I figured was just like the 987 but unlined Any suggestions on the difference. I normally wear a 11 in a Barrie last ans 11.5 in most other brands was thinking 11.5 here to
Guys last time I posted about getting a pair marlow shell wing tips A guy PM me that he could help on a discount and sure enough he did. I don't know who that was or if he can still do it but thought I would reach out
You are right my mistake
I know shoemart has it in the Aberdeen last just not sure how I would like the look of feel of that last
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