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 I took them to a tailor and he basically said I would be wasting my money. Shirts that come in sizes (e.g; s, m, l), he said, were designed to fit off the rack. Once they are altered they start to look "off". The problem is that 99% of brand sell in this format now.
 No, I'm willing to get it tailored. I'm looking for a shirt under $100 specifically for tailoring. Normally, I would be very happy with the quality of a Jcrew shirt or BR, but they are not made to be tailored. I guess I was confusing with my wording.
 Yes, I own one. It's still a bit loose around the torso as BB is made for, should I say, Americans? Just kidding. Either way, the problem with BB like many, many other shirts is they aren't really meant to be tailored, no? That's my problem. I need a shirt that doesn't come in a "s, m, l", fit-right-off-the-rack style, because I'd like to take it to the tailor and have it fit well in a one day trip I can do on the weekend. Luxire, I think, took ~6 weeks to get my 4 shirts...
 I'd be a little more chilled out if I wasn't required to do research but it is what it is. I did plenty of drinking Monday night after my exam, but now I'm knee-deep in neuro. The reality is, your opinion is an opinion and a ridiculous one at that. I won't lecture you on why you're wrong, but I appreciate your opinion  Next to you, yeah absolutely.
 Thanks, but I have 4 luxire shirts. That option is too much of a hassle for me. I have very, very little time to deal with this type of stuff because I am a medical student at a really challenging school. To give you an idea of what my life is like at the moment, most of my dress clothes need to go to the cleaners and I have to wait until my next trip to the hospital to drop them off. I just don't have the time to deal with luxire. In fact, the luxire shirts I have are...
I would like to buy a few more dress shirts and just have them tailored. The problem is that I have yet to find a brand that makes a shirt that fits me well. I'm thin (5'9 and 150lbs) but my neck is ~15.25. I also have like 32.5" arms, so 32" is a little short and 33 is too long.   Anyway, what are some affordable shirts that will look okay tailored? I have had a few tailors tell me that most brands are designed to fit people right off the rack and will look awkward if...
Ah, okay sorry for the wrong placement. yes, I like ehaberdasher a bunch! I have bought two Benjamin suits, ties, and scarf from them :)
I know this is a common topic, and I will do some searching but there isn't much time these days , so help a medical student out!   I bought some luxire shirts and they're okay (The material isn't great). I also need to have them touched  up and I just can't deal with the shipping stuff overseas and waiting forever. I'm going to have a tailor address the collar buttons for me and that's that   I would like to buy a few more dress shirts and just have them tailored. The...
Whew that is ugly stuff! Haha
Looking for some decent zip ups as a second layer. Normally I would go with banana republic or j crew but the former tends to run too big and the latter has such variable sizing. I'm mostly limited to online ordering sadly Prefer cotton/merino wool. Something mature but not overly fashionable Thanks!
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