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Thanks guys. They are these gloves, in chocolate brown   http://www.mlfurs.com/mens-deerskin-classic-wool?gclid=CNXP0v6ss8ICFVFgMgodaDEA4A       I actually bought a pair of black lambskin before losing them, funny how things work out. still I liked them a lot.
That's pretty funny! Deerskin is supposedly durable, but I am just not sure how to introduce oil back to it if that is the case.
Hi all   Lost one of my deerskin gloves a week ago only to find it today walking on campus. I know it rained heavily at least once and there is a big dark stain on the glove (not sure what it is haha)   I am not too depressed about it, but I brought it back home since I had kept the other. Should I even bother to try and repair it? If so, how? I have read you can wash leather gloves as you would your hands, and then reintroduce oil to them.   Thanks
Really like their duffle and it's $410 for 100% wool (Gloverall is more $$ for 85%). Slightly less dressy than the one you linked which would be fine, since I have a dressier coat. Appreciate the link!
Great stuff! Appreciate the advice gents.   Sent the boots back because as you said, probably not worth sweating in class all day or taking off my boots in class (although plenty of people do since it's med school and some people practically never leave)   Will give these Sterlingwear coats a gander. Thanks again
My second option is to return the winter boots i bought since I already have a pair of katahdins, return the parka, and that will put me at the price of the monty duffle. I think that would look much nicer. Not as warm though
 I was just wearing a T-shirt actually. I'll try it wearing a sweatshirt though. I'm not going to be wearing crazy layers because I don't feel like sitting in class all day sweating my butt off haha. Just going to throw on a scarf, cashmere hat, and some leather gloves to go
 I will try adjusting the pulls, thanks for the comments guys. Not sure if my ego can handle buying a women's jacket, although I suppose no one would know. It feels warm as hell and like it's too big all over, however I don't suspect this is meant to be a flattering fit
It's a small, they don't offer x-small :(   Sad thing is their sizing on paper should fit me but even the sleeves are longer than what is listed.   Yeah I'm really having a tough time finding something that is warm, looks good, and isn't $800 with animal fur   Might put some serious thought into that monty duffle
Bump for fit critique
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