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Pm'd you!
Thanks man! Just sent sent them an e-mail.
Thanks man! I know about Rakuten, but never heard of eggplant before. Was just wondering, does eggplant just do international orders from their store or can you use their service at other stores overseas? Thanks.
Hey, I made a post a couple days ago, but it got held for verification? Or something, so I don't think anyone saw it. Anyways, was just curious as to what proxies you guys use/recommend? Any information is really appreciated as I'm trying to pick something up from overseas store sooner than later. Thanks!
My post got held for verification or something and just got the okay, so I don't think anyone saw it. Anyways, not trying to double post, but just curious as to what proxies you guys use/reccomend? Thanks again.
Hey, Was curious what proxies you guys use and if there's one you especially recommend? I can pretty much get all my EG in the U.S. because of the NYC store, but there's a lot of other great stuff that I'm looking to get from overseas.  Anyways, to contribute to the discussion, these are the pieces I'm really feeling this season. (I know there's a lot, but I think all of these pieces are seriously...
Can anyone suggest a good pair of Momotaro's for someone who looks a somewhat loose fit that still fits the legs? Thanks.
Hey, Is this still available by any chance? I'm very interested. Thanks. -Jasper
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