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Those sole edges look great, whats your technique??
Lol, what is the price on those?
You sir are a gentleman!  Any chance you are getting some more Dents in any time soon?
Wow very nice, even crows feet fastening of the buttons where they aren't seen, I will be contacting you soon enough :)
Congrats on the Attolini find!  I have been looking for a decent thrift store in the Bay area, any recommendations?  Most of the places in south bay have been large misses. :(
I picked up the CS1B from Hanger Project.  Beautiful brush and works very very well for my more durable (Super 120s ish) suits.  However, for the more flannel type suits or Cashmere a softer brush is definitely needed.
Legit socks Spoo!  I like the trouser length as well.
Kopped! Thank you sir :)
Very clean Andrew, great work!  How much flexibility do you give customers for styling details?  Lapel width, etc.  Do you do the buttonholes by hand?
^^ Any of this available??  What sizes?
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