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Outstanding fit on the last two posts Victor.
I've always had good experience with the one on Santana Row in San Jose, the SAs always approach me before I approach them, make me aware of any sales, ask me what I am looking for, etc etc.
This is the trick for me, while all of my purchases have been decent. They are somewhat impulsive, I've gotten to the point that I need to be really picky on what goes in to not overlap though.
I like this quite a bit.  I just wish that most DB jackets had a lower button stance.
I think a thinner wool would be good too in my opinion, most of my shoes are sized perfectly to where thinner socks (like pantharellas) fit them perfectly.  Only downside is they lack comfort a bit that way.
I wish I could be there, have to work until 6 :(
^^^  Love the bag and love the glasses!
Very clean NOBD.  I am in love with PoW suits right now.
Wow amazing shoes, congrats!!
^^ I saw some Tom Fords a lot like that, love them.  
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