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^^^ Tag looks like Caruso from what I can tell, may want someone else to double verify however.
Looks great!  Applied just the perfect amount of shine to the toe, good work.
Its no longer in stock :)  Someone did you a favor (Not me!).  Anyone know who makes these belts by the way??  I was thinking about getting a matching belt when I get some shoes made by Maftei or Petkov in Stingray.
I had a package that arrived yesterday take 23 days, I would be patient.
That purple stingray belt is one of the most amazing things ever.
The design and the best way to have the weight of the trouser pull the wrinkles out is to hang by the leg opening at the bottom, clamping right at the crease of both legs.
If I were you I'd sit around on the Buying and Selling forum, there are quite a few navy blue blazers that go through there of amazing quality.  I'd stick with RLBL, Caruso, Coreliani, etc, somewhere right around there.  Only really need to fork out the extra cash for MTM if your body proportions are quite odd.
Check with Shaya at exquisite trimmings, if I am understanding your question correctly.
I went home and low and behold my trouser hangers (Clamp style) and garment bag were there.  The trouser hangers are probably my favorite piece out of all the HP stuff I've purchased thus far, I have the Suit hangers, jacket hangers, and shirt hangers, but these are a work of art.  The clamping mechanism actually has a release mechanism that's great.  It also saves a ton of horizontal space in my closet which is precious to me so I'm ecstatic!  As for the garment bag,...
Interesting, the website shows either burgundy burnush, walnut, or black.  This is the best picture I could find of the burgundy:
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