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I think the fit is pretty great as well, the only things that stand out to me, and I can't 100% tell from the photo, is there any collar gap at all?  Looks good in the back but the sides may have a little gap?  I also think the lapel could roll a little lower, seems like there is a flat spot between the end of the lapel and the top button, could be due to the way you are standing to take the photo however.   You may want to take the shoulders in just a touch as it seems...
Crockett and Jones Alex would have to be my favorite.  I think you can dress these up quite a bit, but also just wear them day to day with a plain ol suit.
Hahahhaha, Spoo that is great.
^^^ Just curious how much Marshall's charged for the Coreliani.  I am going to hop around the ones in my area this weekend.
Strike before they fix their mistake :)
According to their website they are charging $575 a pair on average.
Can you get some pics of their stock while you are there?  Thinking about picking up some Saint Crispins next time I am down in BH but I've never been to the store, curious what is there.
Most Nordstroms are carrying red Pantharellas FYI.
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