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Sell as BNWT and get your money back maybe? I would hate to own such a great shoe that doesn't fit, it would bother me to no end.
Thanks!  I'll keep my eye out, I think something a little timeless like a grey would work great.
What do you all think of the vintage tweed stuff that goes up for auction often?  Seems as though there are some great deals out there on the stuff, if cared for should last quite awhile.  Just wanted confirmation of other people's thoughts.
Just curious, does this come with the original Kiton Hanger or no?
I like the shirt and tie, the jacket shoulders look good but you could probably have the chest and waist taken in a half an inch or so.  Just my 2 cents, otherwise great outfit!
My shirt just shipped this morning :)  Should be here on Monday, looking forward to seeing it.
St. James in the Oak is brilliant.  Knowing that about the Papworth it pretty much seals the deal for me, thanks mktitsworth!
Just curious, your favorite last and style?  I'm kicking it around between Papworth and Rogers.
Any of this 38R and close to 18.25" shoulder?
I didn't know this, I will ask Nick.  Going to do MTO one way or another since that's the only way you can get the Decos.  Thanks stitch!
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