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Here are the beginnings of the pair I ordered.  Will provide more updates as they come along :)  Really looking forward to these!
Thank you!  I appreciate the kind words :)
^^^ I love that cloth on the jacket and the shirt collar.  Who made the jacket?
I'm going to start using a 50/50 mix of 90% rubbing alcohol and water as well, the evaporation is supposed to help with shine.  But my best shines have come with progressively less wax over time and tons of elbow grease.
Sweet pickup man!
Ok so I'll be honest, the lighting is still horrible, I was hoping to see some sun this morning but we are still getting rain in the bay area :(  BNWT Tom Ford two piece double pinstripe suit.  38R Base A drop 7.  All the basting as you can see.  I need to get this thing to the tailor ASAP to get the sleeves finished and pants hemmed.  Going to get the functional 5 button cuffs done with the last buttonhole being longer than the rest in the Tom Ford typical style.  I...
Just a sneak peak, I just got home to this so will post better pictures once the lighting is better tomorrow :)
Whoa, details on the prince of wales peak lapel jacket?  Part of a suit?
^^^ Jeez how wide are those lapels?  Is that a buttonhole on both sides?? 
Can you provide details on the prince of wales pants?  Looking for a fabric similar to that.
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