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First WAYWRN post actually, not too bad I think :)     Jacket: Drakes by Caruso Shirt: Zegna Tie: Tom Ford PS: Brioni Belt: Allen Edmonds Trousers: Brooks Brothers Shoes: Allen Edmonds Clifton
Just curious, how much is MTM Tom Ford shirting?
I have this exact shirt. I love the stripes the material is a little thin and a pain to iron haha.
I think most people are thinking of this:
Measurements on the green stripe jacket?  Both of those are very very nice :)
^^ Tie knot seems just a touch bit small considering the lapels of the jacket are so wide.  The color combo is great though!
^^^  Whoa, I am in love with that collar.  Perfect size/height.
^^  He looks a good deal thinner there, I think he has continued to bulk up throughout the movies.
Reno may be able to get it out.  Worst case scenario you can use reno-mat, although its a bit more abrasive.
^^  I love that shirt, are you wearing an overcoat?  Details on the shirt?
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