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I bought from herehttp://www.equusleather.co.uk/
 Here are my Cordovan boots definatley color variation with my pair
In my case I have BB Coniston on 240 last which is a 8.5D (essentially a 7.5E)  and Harvard on 314 at 7.5E, the Harvard was a snugger fit even though they are both 7.5E. I hope this helps.
I do not know if it helps but here is a close up of the Peal & Co for BB on the 240 last Coniston.      I posted these before but it takes a long time to go through this entire thread. 
Welcome to SF   Very nice collection and photos     Love those Sky`s 
The deal I noticed was if you buy 4 shirts you get them at $49.75 each.
When I checked this out it comes up a shipping price, are you sure about the free shipping?
 Can anybody with these boots compare them to other C&J they have as to the grade, I have believe that they are above the Benchgrade  standard but below the Handgrade is that right? when I look at them closely the stiching of the uppers is beautiful, I cant seem to pick anything that falls short of Handgrade but I do not have any handgrade to compare with. Overall I love these they are by the best footware I have ever owned, and the fit is great 
As from C&J thread        First shot of my New to me but second hand Peal & Co for BB boots I believe are basically A Coniston on the 240 last I am not sure about the color accuracy it looks a little bit to red but that could just be my monitor they are Burgundy color.
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