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These are a single color  ( color 8 ) are they not some of the photos suggest they are 2 tone ?   also i live in Australia are you willing to ship to there ?
Isolation said      Is there a guide for CJ lasts and fits for me to use? Tried to look up but can't find anything thorough. Thanks.I would also like to know this.
It might look longer than they actually are due to a wider angle lens and angle of the shot, I think it is better to use a 50mm lens equivalent if at all possible.
To those this may interest   I was at a local produce market yesterday.   One of the stalls was selling Cashmere products although most of their range was for women they did have a lovely range of pullovers and scarves for men the Pullover price was $160 and they were of excellent quality .   http://oliviagrahamcashmere.wordpress.com/   0401 864 405
I thought this old Gent deserves a 10 for effort   http://alioutfit.tumblr.com/
Originally Posted by Oli2012 Can you guys give me some tips as to where to get nice socks?Straight out of the packet one of my pantherella's ripped in half, and when they go back to $25 a piece I'm not going to have the money for it.I tried a pair of bonds in navy and charcoal, but they fit looser than a wizard's sleeve.     +1  Also you could try http://www.kjbeckett.com/mens/accessories/socks.html
A classical music fan usually has some nice HiFi gear a quick gear list would be nice.
You could try stereo.net.au for selling vinyl, there is a pile of vinyl users there, mind you I think there may be a minimum post count before selling.
I would love to see a pair of these in Oxblood, sorry own a pair of these in Oxblood, some times I hate living in Sydney ( sometimes ) one can not just go to the city and try on a pair of C&J shoe or boot in ones prefered model, and buying online is a risky game to play.  
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