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Waist is probably 33 in, but you can take it in or let it out a fair bit so I would worry about that unless you are at an extreme measurement.
wow thanks. i never knew of that thread. so someone curates a list of interesting items?
These ties are in new condition, and the only reason that I am selling is that I dont have a need for them. Thanks for looking and please email with any questions. I am asking $35 for each tie.
This shirt is too big for me, but it is in very good shape, like new really. Sorry that its a bit wrinkled in the photos. Please email with any questions.
Yes, it is still available. Please let me know if you are interested. Thanks for looking!
Thank you, sir. It needs a new, good home.
ISAIA SUIT For Sale - Navy Stripe, Super 180 fabric, Excellent Condition Narrow Navy Stripe Sciammeria Super 180 Wool Notch lapel Double vent Three button Working buttons at the cuffs Bottom of collar to bottom of back of jacket: 31.5 inches Shoulder-to-shoulder across the back of the jacket: 18 inches Top of sleeve (at the seam with the jacket) to the bottom of the outside of the sleeve: 26 inches Inseam: 30.5 inches Pants are cuffed Thanks for looking, and let...
Hi, all. I am hoping that you can help me a bit. Here is the question: I have some Gucci and Prada suits I like lot. The Gucci's are their Marsailles and Signoria model lines, and the Prada is the UAA model. i see Gucci and Prada suits on Bluefly and other sites, but those sites often list only a style number. So two questions: 1) Can anyone decipher the style codes of Gucci and/or Prada suits for me? 2) Do these two brands have model lines that have a lower...
I am selling a few suits that I just don't wear. I had listed this two weeks ago, but was displaced by Hurricance Sandy, so sorry to those who responded to that post, but I couldn't respond until now. I have had this suit for a few years, but have only worn it once. It has never been washed or pressed, and has always hung on a high quality hangar. It is truly like new, and has no signs of wear at all......it is in off-the-rack condition. Jacket length: 32 inches Pants...
Hi, all. I am selling at size 50R suit by Brioni. Its in excellent condition, and the only reason that I am selling is that it no longer fits me. Please let me now if you are interested. Thanks!
New Posts  All Forums: