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    After work Indy action.
Dear SF members...I'm  along time reader of this thread who after seeing endless beautiful pictures of shell LWB's, decided to pick up a pair online.  After close inspection of the shoes, I found this discoloration on the back part of the left shoe, along with some strange wear to the finishing of the heel.  The retailer has offered to replace them or give me a 20% discount on the pair.  Has anyone had issues like this before?  Would the discoloration come out after some...
Do you find that the sleeves are a little on the long side?
Still for sale?
I ordered a pair of Alden Indy's off the J.Crew website using a 25% off coupon code I received in the box for another online order back in August.  The code worked and I paid $380 for the pair that came in 3 weeks ago.
Hello,   I'm Cesar, a military officer that just joined the ranks of the newly late 20's club.  I've been reading the forum on and off and thought it was finally time to join it.  I'm surrounded in a community that has no value for style (the military) and I'm looking for some inspiration.  Right now I am seriously researching the purchase of a pair of Alden 405 Indy boots.
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