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It actually is dessecting. I needed the elastics and this pair way cheaper than sending them in.   Thought it might be interesting for someone else, too.
  I would highly recommend kangaroo though not for a business attire. They're not as easy to polish up and the wrinkling has been discussed here sufficiently. Nevertheless they're lightweight and the leather has a uncommon structure which I like very much.   Mine are chestnut coloured best described as a deep reddish brown. In my opinion the perfect casual boot.   If you have the money get all of them   If not, I'd stick to the Craftsman and reject the idea of the...
Hi everybody I'm new to the forum and since there are  not many camels to be seen: Here they come. Standard Craftsman, Chisel Square Toe, Oil Resistant Sole, black Camel As you can see, they are fresh from the box.   Greetings Yellowracer
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