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damn ben, that's some pretty nice contrast going on! i'm jelly lol
honestly thought it would work but apologies for giving horrible advice..
or make it a pair of 3/4 denim pants...never seen that yet to be honest
That's how mine feel lol, I just tank it..its not super tight but it's not forgiving in room or anything either. My front pockets are kinda useless especially sitting down but besides that, i've gotten used to the little bit (almost nonexistent) of air room between my skin and the denim. I went true to size and with a 32 as well when i'm usually a 32 (or maybe i got fatter lol..)
wow that's beginning to look 201's are fading miraculously slow lol..
or maybe you lost weight :O lol
Buffalo.....i love your jeans....
I think I'm around the same build as you and I have a pair of 201s. I went true to size (TTS) and got a tagged size 32 as my waist usually fit this size. I don't think I'm a 32 anymore but it still fits. The taper is nice, it's not skin tight around the thighs but it is a little tight. Front rise isn't ball demolishing either. They did stretch a bit after a couple weeks of wear. I think going TTS will work but always check with measurements so that you get a better idea....
^ Damn didn't know Adrift would carry them lol or rather I wouldn't expect them to. cfrp, is it the same price? around 98 bucks? do they let you try em on? lol@my question bombardment
^ I popped a button off even without forcing it lol but that was just on the fly, not the waist   Also, the fades are quite nice
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