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Could someone let me know what the sizing of the Ponting jacket is like please? I am thinking about getting one which is a size 52 except I am a 54 in the bigger styles of jacket. I am pretty burly but someone said it is a big fit similar to the Everest Parka? Cheers
Hello, I am looking for a Nigel Cabourn Everest Parka in orange, if anyone is thinking of selling in sizes 52-54 then please be in touch. Cheers
I wish I could fit into the ToKito range, there are some some nice pieces there. 
After doing a lot of research on the Snow Smock and receiving my new jacket I was really looking forward to my new very expensive purchase and it was quite fortunate that whilst it was in the post I happened to bump into a guy at Present clothes store in London who was wearing a navy blue snow smock that looked about 5 years old and looked like the guy had been dragged through the African bush backwards by a Land Rover wearing the said jacket. I decided to ask the guy a...
Oh my, just had a quick glance through all the previous threads and must admit I am now having second thoughts about buying a Snow Smock, there also seems to be a few people on here selling theirs which leads me to believe we shouldn't all believe the hype    Ceoceo, have you got anything else to report on these jackets before I spend an absolute fortune?   Cheers
Can anyone help out a forumite with some info for an Alden fan in the UK? Has anyone ordered a pair of Alden's from Leffot and had them sent by them to the UK? I know it says they will not ship internationally but am desperate to get myself a pair of the  Indy tan suede with red micro soles release.  Cheers
A great Jacket, tailored beautifully, not too long, it seems to compare in length with my Belstaff Trailmaster.  I just PM'd you Mr Magoo
I have one that I managed to pick up in a sale a few months ago and I must say it is perfection. I am a huge fan of Nigel Cabourn because of the quality and attention to detail and this jacket has both.  It goes perfectly with my Pashley    Highly recommended piece of gear
Congrats Kojiro, what colour did you go for? Has anyone got the Arctic parka in yellow? I can't find an orange in my size and am thinking about the yellow but am a little nervous about dirt as the orange would hide little stubborn marks quite easily.
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