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Damn, so all our overdyes are just hanging out in customs while we go shirtless over here
I was an idiot for not jumping on the sashiko deal when it first appeared
For those of you who have the http://custom.luxire.com/products/indigo_canvas_shirt, did you order it prewashed to get rid of shrinkage? If not, was there any shrinkage?
Wearing my olive chinos today, jumped all over the ash workshop chinos this morning. Really wish the pale blue chinos offered in the spring were funded. Loved that color.
What are the big ass leg jeans specs? I got big ass legs.
There was a newsletter today?
Would the Tyrol on the grant last be a bit more formal? Would it look out of place in a more business casual environment?
Okay, quick fit question for the Taylor Stitch guys. I have a 44 in last year's Yosemite shirts and they are a perfect fit. I tried a 44 in the Hyde shirts and the indigo chambray jack and they were way too large. Which way should I go with the Swift Mills denim utility shirt?
Perhap some interesting casual Japanese oxford shirting fabrics perhaps
Welcome back. Any more pants coming to the pike? Whether new chino colors or anything else? Also, the recent indigo chore pants-- can the waist/hips be let out at all by a tailor?
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