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http://luxire.com/collections/all-sorted-by-price-low-to-high/products/navy-denim-chambray http://luxire.com/collections/all-sorted-by-price-low-to-high/products/blue-denim-slubby-chambray Anyone have any luck with these?
I actually sized up from my jean size and the fit is definitely on the slim side, especially the thighs and calves.
Got the 44 olive Doyle. Fits perfectly in the shoulders, just a bit roomy in the body. Debating whether or not to keep it because I love the look so much. I guess I'm a 43... Figures.
What's the word on the Grand & Rubinelli oxfords (regular, not the pinpoint or royal)? Are they too dressy for a casual shirt?
I hope it works out. Just be mentally prepared if it doesn't. I don't think I had realistic expectations with that first one.
That's what I did with my first Luxire shirt. Oh how I measured and measured. And I ended up with the worst fitting shirt you can imagine. The problem is you can't anticipate how all the measurements interact with each other to create the fit. So taking the best parts of a few different shirts tends to result in a shirt that doesn't necessarily fit the way you think it will.
@luxire is there an order number I can reference if I want a collar just like this? Or can I attach these photos?
Oh man looking at the measurements on the site now, they definitely lengthened the jacket from when I got it last year. Dammit, I should've waited.
Yeah I take a J Crew large slim and the armholes on the Gustin were very high/snug
That's a really generous offer for the FF Rivets, thank you.
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