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Oh man looking at the measurements on the site now, they definitely lengthened the jacket from when I got it last year. Dammit, I should've waited.
Yeah I take a J Crew large slim and the armholes on the Gustin were very high/snug
That's a really generous offer for the FF Rivets, thank you.
I'm 6'5" and 220 and 42L. Large fits like a snug layering piece. It's a bit short, however, so be forewarned.
Well the pit to pit measurement of the jacket is 24" and the length is 23". You'd have to be a very husky 5th grader for that to fit.
Through some miracle my unionmade order shipped. Can't wait to find out how off the measurements are.
How dare you sir
Doesn't NESC shirt sizing depend on the retailer's specifications? I may be mistaken but I think they're specific to the seller. The large I got from Haberdash was very roomy in the chest and body. From the posted measurements, I wouldn't fit into an Epaulet large.
Looking at a Golden Bear jacket on sale at Unionmade and the posted measurements. How can a slim-fit size large jacket be 23" long and be 24" pit to pit?
Ah, thanks. I guess my ideal would actually be a 43L so they may no be long enough.
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