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When are the spring/summer shirts going to be available to order? They look niiiice
1, 2, 3 of the solids are fantastic. Would love the gray, purple, and pink ombré in oxfords
I'm 100% behind an ombré. Love the gradient look
Got it, thanks
Is there a link?
For higher end dining I recommend Puritan & Co in Inman Square and Bondir in between Inman and Kendall Square. For great authentic northern Chinese, Qingdao Garden (back of the menu). For insanely great takeout Indian, Guru in Somerville. And Muqueca has the best Brazilian food.
Those corn pancakes are a very close second.
best thing I've eaten at Alden & Harlow was the charred chicken hearts.
Thanks, Mike
Thank you, Mike. That's very helpful.
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