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Sorry if this has been covered, but what's the deal with Canada Post? I have a return that's been sitting in Brampton for a week now.
Are the overdye EPLA oxfords done forever? Because the last iteration was perfect in every way I would kill for an aqua overdye
Got it, thanks. Sent the email last night, but just wanted to make sure. Hopefully the 16.5 works out!
Got a couple of the brushed oxfords in 16 contemporary fit. The chest area fits well, but the taper to the waist and sweep is snug. Not sure if I should go up to 16.5 or 17.   Also, do I need to get an RMA number before sending the size 16 shirts from the US?
@luxire any chance this will be available before the sale ends? http://custom.luxire.com/collections/linen_mar_2016/products/cotton-linen-pink-white-gingham
Is the cotton linen pink white gingham still sold out? Would love to get that.
If none of the Epaulet sizes are exactly right for me, can the chest/waist/sweep measurements be tweaked for Individualized shirts?
Having a hard time deciding between the beaded oxford and flecked herringbone
And time frame for when those sweet summer shirts will be available for order?
Camp pants are niiiice
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