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So I'm new to Epaulet suiting sizing, but I need to get in on the teba. I can't say I have much of a suit/blazer collection. I have a Suitsupply Napoli suit in 44L. I'm an XL in Epaulet Somelos shirting, though I'm right at the edge of being too tight.. Would you suggest I go with a 44L or 43L?
I've got a big butt and I cannot lie, I'm very very meaty in the thigh. Performance Rudy rivets' where my interests lie.
Yeah, I wanted to stock up on some custom made oxfords. Guess I waited too long.
I think this is what he's referring to.
Anyone have the summer shawl cardigan? Was just told the length of an xl 44 is 24.5". Is it that cropped?
Hope the Thomas Mason overdyes are coming in soon
Most of my shirts are casual, and most of my shirts are from Luxire. What exactly are you looking for?
I'm 6'5" and the XL Somelos oxford is great for body and sleeve length
I take a 42 in the Rover jacket (snug in shoulders) and 44 in Maritime. Gives some room for layering
Anyone have any experience with cashmerello shirting? I'm very tempted to get one.
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