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Has the box with the XL loden field jackets come in yet? Been refreshing the UPS tracking page hourly.
Yes, that's where I got the 30" thigh measurement from. I was looking for someone with experience trying on the Paul fit.
How wide are the legs on the Paul fit? I have big thighs and calves, but I'm not sure if a 30" thigh is too baggy
Listen, if you guys think I'm above sticking my feet in a horse for 100% unfinished hide, you are all sorely mistaken.
Is there any chance that a horsehide preorder would have a size 15 option?
Most of us can only aspire to Fran Cooperhead's pic prowess
If you are looking for a heavy wool jacket, the chore coat is not the way to go. It's a nice layering piece and can be worn alone on cool fall/spring days, but it's not something you would throw on alone in winter temps.
Thanks for the info. Now I need to see whether I want one crater shirt and one maritime or two maritime.
Do the crater shirts fit like the Yosemite shirts or like the jacks?
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