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What I wouldn't do to have it be 2.5" longer
Leather jacket looks awesome. What are the chances it's long enough for someone 6'5"?
Thank you, sir. Did you go with your standard shirt measurements or did you adjust in any way for the material? Looks like maybe I could use my popover measurements for this one.
I feel as if I very much want to copy Don L's striped jersey shirt
You can request the gauntlet be the thin MOP buttons and the rest the thicker buttons. I've done something similar for the back collar button on my OCBDs.
Nice, might just get both Yosemite shirts. And damn both navy and dark green maritime sound great.
Would it be asking too much for the colors for this year's Yosemite and Maritime shirt jacket? Definitely going to get the chore shirt, now I need to figure out how many Yosemite/Maritime to save up for.
Do you need to protect chamois in the same way you do with suede?
I need monkey arms, unfortunately. I'm tempted to buy it and just roll the sleeves up, though.
I'm waiting on the special order indigo, sea blue and sienna shirts but now I'm kicking myself I didn't get a green too
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