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Most of my shirts are casual, and most of my shirts are from Luxire. What exactly are you looking for?
I'm 6'5" and the XL Somelos oxford is great for body and sleeve length
I take a 42 in the Rover jacket (snug in shoulders) and 44 in Maritime. Gives some room for layering
Anyone have any experience with cashmerello shirting? I'm very tempted to get one.
yes to box pleats
Same reason there is lining on a suit jacket/sportcoat. The moleskin lining would make getting your sleeved arms in a major chore.
What is the fabric on the red &a blue camber check? Looks like a madras but isn't indicated as such.
Is there any chance @luxire you could source this oxford cloth from Albiate? I believe it is called Paraggi stripe.  
Being present, spending time with family, and enjoying the day is good enough for me. Threw my parents a 40th anniversary party a couple of years ago, and they enjoyed seeing their old friends and family so much, I doubt they noticed what anyone was wearing.
Yes, yes it is
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