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I do have a casual button down from the indigo canvas fabric. It's very heavy duty and a bit stiff, so the drape isn't the same as, say, the pale blue oxford. And it was a bit more snug due to the thickness.
It is very heavy and thick. You might want to adjust measurements on it due to the thickness
I wouldn't necessarily go by the website measurements, no. I will say I usually take a j crew large slim and the large chore coat was snug for me across the chest and shoulders. I got an XL and it was a much better fit for layering.
I had a large chore coat that the website said was 21" but was actually closer to 23". And the length was short by .5-1".
How is the weight on that navy twill flannel?
Will the Yosemite shirt have the same fit, or perhaps will there be slightly longer sleeves? What colors this year?
What happens if a workshop order isn't fulfilled? Will the navy chinos still be made even if it doesn't reach 100%?
A great pair of sz 36 Rivet chinos from Epaulet. Never worn, just tried on. The cut just wasn't right for me, so my loss is your gain. These were a limited edition, so there aren't many of them in the world. Great inky hue and should look great year round.
I got a couple of the XXL EPLA overdye oxfords and they fit great. Got an XXL speckled chambray and it's tight. I think it might be a mistagged XL. Or do the chambray a just run smaller?
An updated '30s Hungarian heavy twill sheep herder jacket?
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