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How would you compare the fit to the summer chinos and the selvedge chinos?
Does anyone have the good acre chore pants? Are they wearable for everyday/casual use?
I've noticed on my last two orders to the US that the item cost on the customs form was listed as double the actual cost ($199 vs $99). Any reason for that? Will this closed loophole affect orders not yet shipped?
Hold off if you're tall. I usually take L slim in J Crew and L with sides taken in in Gitman. The side scoops on a Gustin L are high-- well above my belt line. They may be coming with a tall fit down the line though. The shoulders, sleeves, and body were good, though the armholes felt way higher than any L shirt I've ever worn.
How much wear do these Okayama standards need to lose the stiffness?
There is. After Christmas East Dane had 25% off all sale items, including the 70% section. Got a Filson cruiser jacket for $160, about $200 cheaper than anywhere else and $280 off retail.
Really interested in this fabric. Looks new, but does anyone have any experience with it? http://custom.luxire.com/collections/oxford/products/indigo_canvas_shirt
The selvedge chino has a zipper fly
Exactly. Omni is presuming any online shopper should know to order a few sizes in case the measurements posted are off. What? How is that a reasonable leap? I like the quality of TS a lot and their customer service is fantastic. I don't think it's unreasonable to request that if there's a measurement chart on an item's page that the chart is accurate as opposed to approximate.
So someone new to the site sees the measurements and orders the size he thinks he is based on what they've posted. Waits three days for it to arrive, tries it on and it's too small. Can't get the right size because it's sold out. Basically what you're saying is you're fine with incorrect measurements being posted on the site because you can just send an email or call for the right ones?
New Posts  All Forums: