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http://custom.luxire.com/collections/oxford/products/classic-light-yellow-oxford http://custom.luxire.com/collections/oxford/products/pale-yellow-classic-oxford Meant to get swatches but forgot on my last order. Anyone able to compare these two in terms of shade/weight?
I'd be interested in your take on the fabric in terms of weight and drape
Are there any reference points for a good button down club collar?
Thanks for the info. Any fading after washing?The swatch I received was labeled as "Alb"
Does anyone who has this fabric http://luxire.com/collections/shirts-by-price/products/navy-denim-chambray have any experienxe with shrinkage after a wash? Just want to know if I should adjust measurements to account for it.
I called the Alden store and asked about sizing. The person I spoke to said the Wolverine size is more analogous to the Indy boot, but I'm not sure whether I should go with E or EEE.
Any large footed gentlemen there with the Indy boots? Usually a 14EEE in AE Strands and 14D Wolverine 1k boots. Wolverines are a bit big but not quite wide enough. Strands fit well.
Good, thanks. This thing is so comfortable and warm I probably would keep it anyway.
Has anyone had a tailor take in a maritime shirt jacket? I love the new one but it's a bit large around the wait. I dodn't know if I should just keep it and get the sides taken in because the next size down is sold out. Plus, it fits perfectly in the shoulders.
I do have a casual button down from the indigo canvas fabric. It's very heavy duty and a bit stiff, so the drape isn't the same as, say, the pale blue oxford. And it was a bit more snug due to the thickness.
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