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I definitely would, but I don't know where to buy them in my area. What department stores sell them, and how much do they typically go for? Their sole boutique location is in New York, which is half of the country away.
Pondering my first pair of authentically nice shoes. They'll be black cap-toed oxfords. I have a budget of up to about $600. Each of these are major contenders, and I think that Peal & Co. from Brooks are made by Crockett and Jones which sounds amazing, but I don't know how their quality holds up. So I'm lookin' at either Italian or English made here. Help a rookie out. Which of these would be best for a first good pair?
So I'm going to get my first authentically relatively nice pair of shoes for Christmas. The conundrum is that I am unsure whether to put my entire budget towards one really nice pair, or two good pairs. The two good pairs would be one black, one brown or burgundy. I have a budget of about $400-$600, so if anyone could give me insight that'd be great. Particularly I've been eyeing a pair of Salvatore Ferregamos in a Dark Brown that I find gorgeous, but think that only one...
I've been running on lower-mid range Johnston and Murphy's for the majority of my young life, and for Christmas, I was pondering the purchase of a new watch (I'm a watch guy) or my first pair of authentically good quality shoes. (Johnston and Murphy has served me decently, but... still.) I've been saving my pretty pennies, and my watch collection I think is at a good standstill size (for now. hehehe) People tell me that nice shoes now will be something to build a history...
Actually, I forgot to mention, over the summers at work, the office requires a suit except Friday (This is only during the summer, I work from home during the school year), but yeah, you're right, I wouldn't use it as much as someone who has a set career. 
Good evening everyone,   So as of late I've been pondering the purchase of a new suit. The current one that fits me now is a Jos. A Bank suit (the exact series escapes me) that's a dark, solid navy blue. I bought it last year for an event for my school and Navy Blue was the required color. My other suit, a Black & Brown (by Joseph Abboud) got caught in a rain storm the day of Senior Pictures, so wearing it is a no go, and it was for a while since the slacks were too...
In the market for some more affordable Saddle Shoes as my second casual set (accompanies by some JM Pennies.) I'm still in high school, so Allen Edmonds and anything above that is pretty outta my price range, but I have no problem spending to $150. There's a pair of Florsheims that I like the look of. A cream suede base with black leather saddles. Should my belt match the base of the shoe, or the black saddle? I'm thinking the saddle but just wanna make sure.
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