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I've had the lwb Aldens for about 3 months and really loving em. Great buy with those.
Posted then saw this literally two posts up. My B.
Acne?They're dark grey, but their other selections might appeal. Seem to be what u lookin for. Dark coloration, slim cut, around that price range when on the bay or sale. A bit more on full retail.
Oohhhh, a sale too!!!
That and the way they display their stuff on the website is pretty... bad. I got my Bomber at 60% off, so I'm diggin it. 
They'll soften up and drape a bit more for sure, will also further soften and drape when u wash em. I usually have this problem initially which is increases with my larger calves that tend to catch the pants and I always have to put em down again. 
Anyone a fan of the Private White VC stuff? I just got the Navy British Millerain Bomber that I like a lot. 
Dark Calico was the other one I wanted. 
Idk if you saw by now (probably have) but the Liberty for Gitman serires is on sale on Unionmade. I have the Rose print indigo chambray personally (Ironically the only Gitman I bought full retail, but simultaneously the most expensive) and I absolutely love it. 
Honestly, your best bet in that price range and to try em on would be the J Crew by North/ Clybourne Red Line Stop or the Club Monaco in Lincoln Park by the DePaul campus. A lot of the department stores like the Barney's on Oak Street or Nordstrom on Michigan can have offerings, but seldom around $100 range, but they may have a few solid sales going, though. Are you looking directly in the city or the Suburban areas? I actually quite like J Crew's Bowery trousers being the...
New Posts  All Forums: