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I'd go Large. I'm in that range too and a L fits me best.
Honestly, don't post on here enough to know if whether or not posting this pic/ buying this cardigan makes me a chump or not.
 Actually, what the other guy said seems right. Seems a lot like their summer chambrays to me. 
50/50 chance so imma say Poplin. Usually if it's an oxford fabric it's listed as an Oxford shirt. 
Also, what brands are you an XL in usually? Might be able to give more insight. 
It should also be noted that Gitmans are pretty shirt-to-shirt via sizing. If I'm ordering online, I just brave it was a L and it usually works out well, but small variations might occur. Obviously if you can try it on initially, great, but as someone said some of the more eccentric patterns tend to be a bit more slimming (this could because they use lighter fabrics on em, but I'm no expert.) 
I'd go the same size (L->L). Gitman's gonna have a more tapered fit rather than the more straight cut of the Reg J Crew sizes. 
Other than sleeves which are a little long, it looks good to me. 
I literally laughed^ haha thank man. 
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