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Bought for $3000 CAD from Saks Fifth Ave in Toronto a couple months ago.. Not getting as much wear as I want out of it, even though it's beautiful and very versatile. No signs of wear at all, looks brand new.   Isaia's grey suede quilted vest reverses to blue nylon tech fabric.      Stand collar, stand chest pocket, patch front pockets, elastic gathers at sides, shoulder yoke at back Reverse: button flap front pockets, elastic gathers at sides Zip-front...
 I'm close with the owner.. and I'll definitely give him your feedback. Now that I think of it, your points are very valid and I hope he takes the criticism and makes the necessary changes. Just to answer some things that I know of.. the single piece of canvas he is referring to is in the chest piece and there's no horsehair. Most factory made suits will have about 4 layers of canvas along with fusing, padding, etc. I was told since the suit is put together by hand, it's...
 Aha, I'll share anyways incase anyone else is interested. I was told for the event, their Royalty line suits will start at $1300 instead of $1800. All their suits are made in Seoul, South Korea.. it's a very BNTailor type look and the quality is off the charts. The fit is impeccable and the garment has a lot of shape but is light as hell due to their special canvassing technique. It's unlike anything I've ever seen before.. especially in Toronto, lol. You can read about...
You guys ever heard of The Gallantry? They're a new MTM company in Toronto.   They're holding a trunk show @ the Shangri-La next weekend.. and they're offering discounted prices for the show, could be worth a try if you're in need of a new suit.   Got mine a while back and they're probably the best suits in my wardrobe.
Like all my other clothes, a bit too snug for me now...   Beautiful lightweight cotton trouser with some elastane for stretch. 5 pockets are casual.   Size is listed as 32 but really fits like a 30. Measurements in inches. INSEAM 28.5 WAIST 30 FOOT OPENING 6.5 SEAT 11.5
Haven't ever worn this jacket and it doesn't fit me anymore.   Size 44EU or 34US with unfinished sleeves in a beautiful 4x2 DB. Made in Japan.   Measurements are true to a Ring Jacket Sz 44 bought from The Armoury HK. LENGTH 27.5 SLEEVES UNFINISHED CHEST 34 WAIST 30
Never really have time to wear these and it shows in the great condition..   Size indicates 8.5 but fits to a true 9 US, as you know Gucci fits big. Very lightwear and only Summer worn, a minor scratch on the right toebox. I already put topys on them so you can wear them in the Winter for rain or snow.
Never really got to wear this piece so I'm getting rid of it. Really beautiful piece though and great for layering.   $100 USD shipped.
Really beautiful overcoat that doesn't fit me anymore, clearing out all my Suitsupply items. A beautiful E-Thomas fabric and a lovely soft construction. For me, it was suitable for 3 season wear.   Same coat as here:   Asking for $400 USD, shipping included.
This doesn't fit me either and is in great condition, just needs a nice press! Pictures say it all..
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