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Clearing out some of the dress shoes that I no longer wear. I can't fit anymore shoes into my damn closet. Please take these off my hands.   Meermin Double Monks Size 8UK $200   Canali Wingtip Brogue Size 41 $300   Canali Wingtip $150   Gucci Loafers $300
Bought some sneakers that I thought I needed for casual wear but I realized soon after that I never really wear sneakers.. like ever. These shoes were all worn like once or twice each, no more.   Lanvin Size 7UK Bought for $800 Asking $300   Prada Hightops 6UK Bought for $700 Asking $150   Prada Lowtops 7UK Bought for $400 Asking $100
Bought this navy Prada suit from the flagship Prada store on Bloor St. for $3750. Wore it twice to the office and then put it in my closet. It's a hard size to come by on the forum, the coveted 36S.  I did nip the waist, but there is fabric to let out. Pants are a slim straight leg, not skinny like I usually have it.   Asking for $1200, but I'm taking offers.
I got a MTM suit from Harry Rosen about 3 months back and now I'm looking to get rid of it. Wore it to my company's Christmas party, then never again. Paid about $1350 for the suit.   It's a size 35R (nipped the waist and chest from 36R base cut), and got the leg tapered to skinny. However, there is fabric to let out. I'm 5'9 and 145lbs and it fits me perfectly.   Asking $550.
Letting go of this beautiful E. Zegna piece that just doesn't fit me anymore. Bought it from Harry Rosen outlet a couple seasons back. Letting it go for a killer price.   E.Zegna Roma Fit Brown Plaid Jacket Size 38S Bought for $2000 Asking for $200
Bought a couple SuitSupply items, looking to update my suit game so I'm letting these go. All suits have been nipped in the waist and tapered in the leg, however there is still fabric to be let out if you wanted it to fit like it originally did.   SuitSupply Grey Check Napoli Size 34R / 29x30 $400   SuitSupply Blue Washington Blazer Size 34R $250   SuitSupply Blue Cotton Soho Blazer Size 34R $250
I decided to do a huge haul of J.Crew secret wash shirts, got them all tailored to fit like an XS Slim throughout the body.. and as Summer went by I realized I never wore any of these. I don't think I ever will so I might as well send them to a good home.   Asking $45 each. Buy them all and save a few bucks.
I have a ton of Banana Republic Monogram Dress Shirts in Size 14/14.5. I got them all tailored to fit like a J.Crew XS Slim throughout the body. I'm 5'9 and 145lbs with a slim/athletic body and these fit amazingly.    However, now I've stepped up my dress shirt game with some E.Zegna and Etro, so I will be getting rid of all these. I'm only asking $45 each, opposed to the $124 retail (plus alterations).   Buy them all and save a few bucks!
Two stunning Burberry jackets, purchased directly from the Burberry flagship store on Bloor St. (Toronto, Ontario).   Burberry London Black Peacoat Size 36R   Wore this for about two Fall Seasons, showing little to no signs of wear. Could pass as new.  Bought for about $1500 CDN. Asking $1000.   &   Burberry Brit Grey Peacoat Size Small (Equiv. to 36R)   Bought at the same time as the other Burberry coat, and worn for the same amount of time. Still looking...
Buy with confidence knowing you're only getting authentic gear! Check the feedback! First come, first serve, no holds. Absolutely NO refunds or exchange!   Meet ups: I'm shipping from Canada. You pay shipping. Trades: Burberry, Zenga, Ferragamo, Paul Smith, etc. Ties, Shoes (8.5-9.5 US), Suits (34-36R/S), or Clothing (XS/S) Contact Info: PM via SF   With the purchase of a suit or a jacket, you will get the choice of a free Eton or Etro shirt as pictured..! First...
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