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By marketplace you mean Ebay or a marketplace on styleforum?
@JR Magat Oh really, i would be glad to see that they go to one of us . They are size 11.5D style # 22220
Agree with Namor's hierarchy for consideration to sell. I have a pair of cigar NSTs that I wish to sell because I've discovered they are slightly tight fitting for me. Need to coach myself on selling on ebay since I've never done it in the past.   Cheers!
Thanks v much for your advice A.K.A.
Friends, I hear from many folks on the forum that Alden doesn't do restoration jobs on shoes that have been resoled by another cobbler in the past. I wanted to ask the knowledgeable people here if they would know whether Alden would restore shoes if only the heels were replaced by a cobbler n the past but the sole is original Alden. Thanks in advance for sharing your knowledge.
Mike, Congratulations on a wonderfully done blog. It was a great pleasure going through your collection and thanks for taking the time and effort for all of us who love you and watch your wonderful collection play out every day. God bless!
It looks very handsome As I have written above, these are not pics taken by me, but the cadet would be a worthy addition They seems to fit well as a foundational shoe.
The J crew Cadet in black shell doesn't have many fans on the forum, but here are some pics which suggest it to be a solid shoe worthy of love. Enjoy!  
I totally agree with you RTP.
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