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I prefer these over the BB version. The lack of metal eyelets and being pure bred Alden sway me to the 9901. Though some may go for the BB version citing sleek last I like the Barrie on the ptb.
Of all the color 8, ravello and cigar Aldens I have, I love wearing the black shell ptb 9901. This is a fantastic shoe and has a super lustrous look, fits nicely compared to other Barrie lasted shoes and looks very distinguished. Thanks to my friend RTP whose possession of this shoe inspired me. Some pics wearing today.
Good to be back RTP my friend! Glad you like my shoes. My Cigar NSTs are from Alden SF. Got them in end 2011. Been wearing them about once or twice a week. These have never been polished only brush n wear.
Posting on the forum after a long gap. Cigar Nst on aberdeen
My vote goes to the 9901 in black shell. Its a really fine shoe. You wont regret it.
The 9901 would seems odd with a tux especially for the discerning at the party. Enjoy your party RTP and thanks for the inspiration.
Thank you very much Alcibiades!  
Mdubs, Tifosi, Tampatravel: Black Fridays is one helluva idea!
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