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Thanks bustert! I agree my ravellos have taken on a really special character.
Thanks Steve. That was my first Alden and I had no clue how addictive it could be
Two years later in 2013 I got a chance to get a pair of ravello lwbs from Alden DC. I am glad I picked them up. My Ravello lwbs today.
In 2011 when I went to buy my 1 st pair of Alden shell lwbs, I tried on the two colors available in store at Alden NY. The color 8 and the whiskey. Went with the color 8.
Is that on barrie or trubalance?
Don that is a beautiful composition. The Whisky is maturing in double oak soles.
mdubs, get well soon brother.
Thanks ironclad will keep you abreast on my quest
Thanks TommyB that was helpful. Will consider the plaza lasted boots from j gilbert.
Frinds, Is there an Alden plain toe boot in color 8, in the Barrie last and a commando sole available anywhere? All eyelets would be a sure bonus. Thanks in advance.
New Posts  All Forums: