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My vote goes to the 9901 in black shell. Its a really fine shoe. You wont regret it.
The 9901 would seems odd with a tux especially for the discerning at the party. Enjoy your party RTP and thanks for the inspiration.
Thank you very much Alcibiades!  
Mdubs, Tifosi, Tampatravel: Black Fridays is one helluva idea!
 Thank you 7foldtieguy you've always been very helpful
 Thank you very much Sir.
It took a while to make up my mind on my next pair of Alden shoes. This is my fifth pair and considering that own shell in color 8, ravello, cigar and black and I was looking for something that would go with my dress pants and shirt attire. I am extremely happy I got the #9901 in black shell cordovan. The shoe is person is just very beautiful. Pictures definitely don't do it justice. Black PTB in shell cordovan is so deep, rich and luxurious. Its a shoe I cant help smiling...
Thank you coinopcollector. Black shell is very underrated and unloved. I think what black doesn't get in patinait makes up inthe depth and richness of the color black. Enjoy your shoes forever.
I would love to see the black shell Hanover for how age has treated them too
MrDV these are divine. I'm sure you're staring at your feet all day.
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