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Thank you aldenwear
Thank you Kwaker
Thanks very much my friend. Appreciate your prompt response. Any friends who have had any experience with sizing grant boots? Would appreciate your responses.
Thanks Tifosi Can I interpret what you say as follows: If my size in the grant last shoe is 11.5 d and because boots tend to wear a bit tight for the same size, it would be OK to go a width up? Ie. 11.5 e
Want some help from friends on the forum. I am a 11d in the Barrie and 11.5 d on the Hampton. I hear some friends who buy a boot size up 1/2 a size on the same last as compared to their shoes. If I am considering the cap toe boot on the grant last will a size 11.5 e be fine assuming d width is not available. Appreciate the help.
At a beautiful town on the French riviera. Ravello lwb today.
Ravello lwb today
They are classics RK! Thank you RTP
My first Alden. Color 8 lwb
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