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If the wedding is in 3.5 weeks, a remake will not be possible because Indochino has recently increased the waiting time to 4 weeks. It used to be three weeks, but I assume there has been a significant increase in orders placed so they can no longer fulfill a 3 week deadline. 
Hi Storm Rider, I ordered my suit around the same time as you and also put in an order for a remake. It turned out really well, but I was wondering how you returned the old suit back to indochino? I stuffed it into a small box and sent it via usps with insurance and tracking, but it came out to be $40 (ouch!). Was wondering how much it cost you, just for future reference. Thanks and sorry for the tangent. 
Hey StormRider, I just got my suit today, but the jacket is too short and the arm holes are too big, although their positioning are fine. I'll have to get mine remade as well. I want to take it to the tailor and have him look at the suit for measurement purposes (how much to take off/add). Since I know I will be having the suit remade, how do I go about having the tailor check the suit if he won't be doing any alterations himself? It's a bit odd to go in and have him...
Hey Dr. Bio. Nice avatar. Was that suit the first one or a remake?
Hey StormRider, I'm a bit worried now because I just placed my first order with IC for a suit using the coupon and my measurements and height are very similar to yours. When you placed your order, did you email them with any special requests? I emailed them shortly after ordering to tell them I have a very slender build (which is probably already evident in my weight) and asked if the tailor could stay close to my measurements. I also asked for higher...
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