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The woven Drake ties I feel look very sharp.  Now having a dark blue suit is a lighter blue tie a little too much?  I keep staring at the red micro check.           unbelragazzo.  I'm looking through it now.  Thanks for your suggestions.   I went to a store today to look and wow most were ugly and to shiny once your close up to the ties.   Again thanks everybody.
Thank you sir.  I do like the first link in the red and white.   If this matters.  The wedding is gonna be full of very fashion forward women who work in womens retail from staff to area managers hence my wanting to knock this outfit outta the park.
Yes Hober seems to be a popular choice around these parts.  I've been there many a time over the past few days.     So your go-to options(s) would be??   Thanks for the earlier links....there goes my sunday.
So it seems that going with a grenadine will eliminate that shine on may of the original tie choices.   This is very sharp once I see it used in a whole outfit pic.       I think i'm on to something here lol 
Fully agree on that one.  I was thinking white or cream pocket square regardless of tie choice. The matching combo is hideous IMO
Thanks to all so far.  Funny thing is as I was looking at a few of the pics posted yesterday I was thinking some looked a little flat.  Now after reading most comments and looking back at what was posted several are shinny....way to shinny.  Thanks for specific links i'm checking them right now  You would think as other say in other threads picking a tie for a dark blue suit is easy and it should be many choices. 
After a lot of further reading/searches today I see deeper shade likes and silver and lighter blue for the navy/midnight blue suit choice so...   I only ask as I've read countless tie threads with people posting pics of there arsenal with ties I think seem ok and many say throw those out.   Thanks again fashion experts                  
First off, you are all great(for the most part).  I've used the search button many time over the past 2 weeks.  I've read countless threads to inform myself on what I should do for my first suit purchase.   I didn't own a suit until earlier today sort of.....I chose a bespoke suit in almost navy thanks to this site of course.  Single breast 2 button.  Again because of style forum i'll be going with a darkish brown or oxblood oxford shoe(still undecided).  I don't...
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