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Heading to Shanghai, Beijing, HK then KL (in that order)   I'm out to bring total cost down, source the cloth from the mainland and take it to a HK tailor. Medium budget, roughly 500 per suit   Names and approximate locations would be very helpful. I can Google the gaps. The amount of fabric needed is also something I'd appreciate some advice on. I'm a 38/48 typically and roughly 6ft 1'   Before you think I'm lazy and just want someone to hold my hand, I've...
To anyone with dita frames. Can you please post the width measurement? Australian retailers only stock their lame styles. I'm specifically after lever 49's but I'm sure all eye-wear aficionados would appreciate the info. One must know the width!   Cheers
Good idea. Found these. Checking they do not contradict eachother too much? This first one is different in the shoulder but its lapels are the most similar to mine. Reiterate: going for slim jacket and leg. J          
SFAustralia, hello!  Who's your go-to to make OTR look MTM?   Technically mine is "off the internet". Size 50, though I feel I'm more a 48. Thankfully this was not an expensive lesson.   The jacket needs taking in at the waist. I like the more fitted look so whatever will achieve that. For the pants: taking in, hemming and tapering.   I need a tailor who A) despite ignorant cues, more-or-less knows what to do by seeing it on. Has fashionable insight B)...
Same here. Any recent impressions of Katrina's? I have a suit jacket needing slight alterations and the pants need hemming, taking in and tapering.
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