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Ask the agent in state or Harrison website?
I am so sorry about you guys' stories To be fair, I am one of the customer in last January sales. I purchased a pair of EG Westminster. It was delivered after one month since payment. Wish you guys have your shoes very soon
Will it really happen? I really look forward to Galway:slayer:
Wallace is a good and nice guy He would give you advise instead of hard selling.
Here is my brand new pair to trade with However.... I'm a 9 / 9.5          
Interpret you guys Is any of you would like to exchange with my Malvern It is brand new last 202 in uk9E
Here is a brand new pair of Edward Green Malvern Dark Brown color  Last 202 in UK9E   Found that I have too many pairs of wingtip Hence would like to exchange with any other style Don't worry on different price tag with your pair We simply exchange with price adjustment Just feel free to offer me I also consider lower price tag brand and even used pairs
Do appreciate your sharing
I agree your statement.That's one of the purposes of this post, to collect experiences from you those expertises on color matching.People said using neutral for a long time darkens the color.Do you find the case?
Searched some time there seem no centralized post for this topic. I guess most of Edward Green owners use Saphir shoe cream/wax Why don't you share your matching? Let me start with my choice Edward Green - Saphir Dark Oak - 05 Dark Brown (sometimes 01 black for antiquing) Edwardian - 03 Light Brown (09 Mahogany for antiquing) Burgundy - 08 Burgundy (sometimes 01 black for antiquing) Burnt Pine - 37 Mid Brown (05 Dark Brown for antiquing)
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