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Is the suede name tag still an available option on the A2?
 Wasn't that MA-1 the "Charly Special" which was shaved down lamb? 
My DR 2013 arrived today. Ordered July 6, 2013; Received December 21, 2014. Shipped fast as hell, received tracking on Friday and it was delivered Sunday. Canada Post never delivers on the weekend but I guess because of the holidays they're on some special schedule.  On to the details: Black lamb with Excella zips and silver hardware. My first and last MTM ToJ so I went with the "house special" black lamb and am not disappointed. It's insanely soft and has a nice...
Received tracking for my DR 2013 this morning. Ordered on July 6, added Excella zips on August 14.
July 6th DR with Excella zips added August 14th, no confirmation yet
July 6th DR order, 65 weeks, I asked if I could modify my order on September 30th and was told no for what it's worth
Any July people receive their orders yet?
Ahh.   Looks like July 2013 DR orders are out of luck
For sale is a pair of Visvim Bearfoor Folk FBTs in the brown colourway size 10. Proxied off of Yahoo! Japan Auctions, only worn a handful of times. Easy 9/10 condition. Comes with OG box. No tags. Asking price $500, lowballers WILL BE IGNORED. Located in Toronto, local meetups preferred, will ship within Canada or USA for additional cost. PM for offers/questions. Thanks for...
I still dream about that TOJ shearling jacket.
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