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  No problem.  Did you get the double waterlock version?  I assumed that is what they all are, but thinking about it I didnt ask.
  You could wait for the unlined #8 PTB at Alden DC, which sounds like a pretty good spring/summer shoe. 
   I have much more to learn about shoe maintenance, but if I would have listened to the first person who sold me a pair of alden shell instead of using this forum for research, my shell shoes would have faaar too much wax paste on them.  As it stands, I have four pair and have not done anything to them with the exception of the mac method.  And they look great.   I know the method calls for very periodically using wax, but is it absolutely necessary?
  Interestingly enough, the only pair of tassels i own are a natural cxl makeup from unionmade. 
  I'm very new here, albeit a long time lurker, and this thread has provided me with most of my knowledge and almost all of my inspiration regarding every shoe i've purchased for the last two years.  I love shell, and Alden's was definitely the inspiration behind my initial love of the brand.  But as I've become more and more familiar with the product, I find myself looking more and more at the other alternative horween leathers, especially the natural CXL and the chamois. 
  Was just at DC yesterday, almost 100 % positive they did not have whiskey chukka's.
Thanks! They look great.
Alden DC still has a few of the Ravel lo LWB with the double waterlock sole in stock.  Unsure of the sizes that remain (with the exception that I know they have no 11.5 and 12 and only have D widths), but its worth a call if you are looking.  As far as i can tell it looks very similar to the J. Crew minus the eyelets.  The display had a dark sole but when they were brought out they had the lighter edge trim and flex soles.  Nice surprise.    Edit:  Also meant to add...
Could not agree more. While I own only one pair, and do nothing that could even be exaggerated enough to be considered field work, these are the best boots I've ever owned for getting around in in climate weather. They take a beating and come right back to life with a damp rag and brushing.
I am in need of a simple captoe bal, and Carmina's version on the forest last looks perfect.  Reading through this thread, and realizing everyones fit is different, I couldnt come to a comfortable enough conclusion on my own so I am forced to ask...   I am a 12.5D on the Hampton.  On Carmina's website this suggests I would be a UK 12, but I see many here take a size down from US in the UK sizing.  Can anyone speak to the Aberdeen and its corresponding fit on the...
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