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  May noy be the look you are going for, but I own a few pair of Indy's and my favorite by far are the Tobacco Chamois I picked up from ShoeMart. Has a commando sole and is perfect for NE weather. Does not have contrast stitching, and is darker than the CXL, wouldn't work w brass eyelets etc. but I figured I'd put in a plug....
  They look like they could be Rogue Territory Dark Stanton's or RK ISC's, or Raleigh Indigo Canvas Thins. Whichever, they look great. 
Can B Nelson do this on brand new soles post restoration as well? Take a little longer, maybe a little costlier. But would be the best of both worlds.
I was fortunate enough to score some whiskey LHS on TSM's seconds list about a year ago and they were my go to shoe last summer. There is something about how that color pops with denim that makes it an incredible summer shoe. Probably received more compliments about them than any other pair I own.
  I recently bought a bottle of Lexol Neetsfoot Oil, (http://www.amazon.com/Lexol-NF-Leather-Dressing-16-oz/dp/B002UQIS8S/ref=pd_sim_sbs_auto_30) which claims to be non darkening.  I havent worked up the courage to use it.  I do brush regularly and that seems to have sufficiently taken care of random scuffs and kept the leather looking fresh.
  If it helps, I have ONE Indy in 11E that fits very similar to another one I have in 11.5D. The 11E is Chamois, which is heavily oiled and may stretch more than the CXL indy that I have, which may attribute to the fit.  I tried on a 11D in the truebalance and it was too tight in the forefoot.    I would caution you that I take a 12D on the Barrie, and a 12.5D or 12E TTS depending on the last, so maybe I am of no help at all.
I am looking forward to my next trip to NY, I plan on spending some time in the EP shop.  I've not gotten a chance to try anything on, but I am really hoping the slim walt trousers work for me.    In the meantime, I am thinking about ordering some belts.  Anyone have any advice on how the cognac cowhide and/or the caramel calfskin would pair with ravello shell? 
Absolutely. Regular trees work very well in my experience. I have them in a pair of natty cxl Indys and while I can't say what they'd look like without them, they look great after many wears with them.
Here is an interesting makeup I had not noticed before:   http://www.theshoemart.com/alden-mens_chukka_boot_calf_skin_leather_sole_black/pvc-ald-mxs-13770_ald_m_chukka_boot_calf_skin_leather_sole.html      I edited this because I can't read. It's black calf and I put shell at first. But the edge trim is interesting. And a CXL option.     What last does this look like? 
Anyone 11D looking for Cigar? This is a STEAL if you can buy it now before a bid. http://bit.ly/WzixC5 And they are not mine. Just a PSA. Even if you wanted to send them in for a recraft you are saving 300 bucks.
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