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  NSC is one of my favorite stores in the country.  Also a sponsor of this site.  Routinely give 10% off codes for members.  Have not tried to buy Alden, so it would not surprise me if they are exempt.  If you ever find yourself in Richmond you should stop in.  I get there a few times a year and always try to pop in.
Those are incredible. I bought the indy's they had come out a month ago and honestly I wish I would have known about these as I would have waited. They look great, plus they (I think) have a commando sole, which I love.
The scotch grain indy's I got from union made have the same. Had not seen it before either.
Received my first Epaulet shipment today.  Bought a few staples, Navy and Stone Sanded Canvas Slim Walts.  Could not be happier. I have a feeling this is going to snowball in a similar fashion to my now significant Alden, um, problem.    Tried to put together a suit, with the Weller and the 120's Walt trousers as well, but it looks like I am going to have to go the special order route on the Jacket.  Wouldn't have ordered any of it if it wasn't for the 14 day return...
  interesting.  I have had three pairs done and not one word from the cobbler.  And he would have absolutely let me know. 
  I own this model from TSM. I can confirm it is a double waterloc. And it's a great shoe.  Was beating myself up for not getting in on the LS version however long ago and then the same thing popped up on TSM.    The double waterloc is getting a lot of play lately. And people like to tell you you can't topy it, but you absolutely can. 
Anyone have any recommendations for belts to wear with Ravello? I've found a couple of leads but didn't know if anyone had a go to that they would recommend. Doesn't have to be perfect, obviously, but something that comes close. It is very difficult to ascertain true color on the Internet so any advice would be appreciated.
11.5D Barrie. They are in my sig and in the classifieds.
  I ALMOST pulled the trigger on those.  They look great, but even the best photos dont come close to doing the leather justice.  Reverse Chamois is incredible.  Let us know how you like them as you wear them.   Also, after finally ending my Alden sizing adventure and discovering my true size, I have decided to get rid of my too small Cigar PTBs.  Hopefully they find a good home with someone here on the fourm.  
    Having finally discovered my true size, it is time to (very) reluctantly find a new home for a pair of Alden Cigar Shell Cordovan Plain Toe Blucher's.  11.5D on the Barrie last. I have worn these shoes less than ten times (probably less than five), the size keeping them from ever really getting into my rotation.  They have been kept in trees, topy'd and heel taps affixed.  Mac Method used after each wear.     I am asking $590, which is $100 less than...
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