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Any plans to drop more sale items between now and black Friday Mauro? I am itching to spend some money and try different shirt sizes before going in for pre-order items.
More shots on the details would be appreciated too. How'd you figure out the sizing?
I'm all for putting everything on sale now, but if promotion timing worries you, why not compromise? I think that all the fabrics that are not on the website should all be added to the sale at once. Those seem to all go like cakes when they're added.
^ Hunter green twill shot of the trousers look accurate to me.
I'm too inexperienced with the brand to tell you that. just based off what Mario and the others have said though, both ad and bd have a nice silhouette without being baggy. The biggest difference lies in the armhole and chest space. BD armole based off the measurement is far too uncomfortable for my preference.
  Any upcoming sale items in medium AD? Almost all of it seems to be BD so far except the olive gingham.
[[SPOILER]]   The fabrics previously listed out by Maruo doesn't seem to match the listing on the site. #2 is supposed to be button down but ended as a spread. #3 is supposed to be spread collar but it's button down.  #4 is supposed to be club collar but ended up being spread collar. #5 is supposed to be spread collar but it's a club collar. As far as I can see, only 1 and 6 retained their numberings. I'm a bit confused as to whether the mix up is in the naming or whether...
Dang seems like there was only one herringbone chambray as well. Both the flannel and that sold out within 1 minute of being put up.
Blue twill doesn't seem to be included in the poll?
I once read that the presidence typically do not dress well by fashion standards is to purposely look as though the commoners would in a suit. I have long since forgotten the source though, but it would make sense.
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