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Did you have to take any special width considerations with the sneakers?
I wish I had that issue.. at $60 I'd find use for them. I just wish I had a way to try them on.
 I'm going to generalize but I think cellulose family material is prone to pilling. It's just the nature of the fabric and how it ages vs how durable it is (holes).
What do you guys think about the summer shirt being a black henley? Henley and black are non-summer items to me, but the fabric is clearly super airy. It's such a mash up.
Lol Kwanon! I'm in the same boat regarding color. I would want both for just fabric too, but I'm not into the slate blue. One it is for me.
Darn,  I also thought the tee pre-order was today. :( Currently too broke for the BDs.
 I am with you there. I get that Mauro wants to market more but each social media vehicle should be used differently to draw more customers of that demographic in, not to isolate others from receiving cool updates.
I remember hearing a talk about batch of sweats with drawstrings instead of Lounge pants 2.0 style. Would this be the appropriate time to gather people for the french terry make or what?   Also does anyone know if the bamboo sorona sweats going to be another time?
Where are your usual wonderful pics HeavenResign?!
@NOBD Did you line your flannels or do the collars stand up fine without any lining?
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