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^ So you prefer the bamboo ones or do you mean the super old poly/cotton ones I've heard about but never seen?
Dropping tomorrow as well?
  No these are not.
That iPhone case will last longer than the iPhone itself!
I also love the Bamboo tees. I wish Mauro's site had some sort of review. I was backpacking for two months and almost exclusively wore two bamboo shirts hand washed back to back every day (more out of laziness to unpack than necessity). They hardly aged anymore than they would through normal wear.
I'm so stoked for Polos. I've waited a year+ for them. Loyalty to the max!
I'm in agreement with the above but I do think that somewhere the site these terms should be made clear for unfamiliar customers. Take Paul, Justin, and enzo for example. I know about them but have no idea where I'd confirm differences aside from a size chart. As far as colors go, they can be confusing in some cases like the high tops. They still all look black to me.
That's because they're actually different haha
I really think that testers should have to put down some sort of deposit that gets refunded when they do the review /pics/etc. all that should be on the purchase page to make it helpful. As of now there's really not that much info, and the reviews are all randomly dispersed in this forum.
Just got to Seoul last night during my travels. Someone tell me how to check up on bomber status.
New Posts  All Forums: