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Darn, these were some great deals. Didn't even make it back home from work yet to order. Hope it resumes later!
^ I wear it at night and early morning just fine. I can do without it but it feels nice wearing it. regulates temperature well imo
As of what I last heard, they're working on leather gloves, but it's not up to their standards or ready for mass ordering yet.
So next Monday the wool beanies are dropping? Are they coming with the scarf drop?  I'd like to get it all in one pack and finally be done with it. I'm also slightly confused. I thought an earlier newsletter this year said no more holding of packages together due to complications. Are you suddenly doing that again for this holiday season? I'd like to get a few items while waiting for the scarf before everything gets sold out for the public.
Mauro, as an extension of what I said earlier, I don't really have any need for basic sweaters anymore, but there's room for upgrades. I understand the risk in partaking in something less basic since your basics aren't doing so well at the moment. Maybe like an item a year special pre-order knit would work well. If you ever made a chunky knit shawl cardigan, I'd pre-order into that 6 months early full deposit if I had to. I recently got an SNS herning stark, and while it's...
I'm also curious on how the market for your knits work. My super simple thought process is this. Your knits are the type that lasts a life time. How many knits do I need after I hit a certain amount? I have two of your sweaters and in conjunction with the knit wool tee and a few cardigans, it's hard to justify more at the moment. That being said, if I ever needed a replacement, I'd definitely re-buy since it's the shit. But that probably won't happen for a while (cross my...
So is only the wool beanie released a week later or is it the scarf as well?     I'm paying so much for shipping to get things asap before they run out of stock. I wish they'd all drop at once.
There was a post a while back from Drew that explained the money for the restaurant was a separate account from Toj and all. Sure it makes no sense to anyone why it takes so long, but hell, if people don't believe what he's said so before just because there hasn't been an update, I don't see what the point in waiting for his update. It's not like he's ever going to say "x will ship then, y will ship a month after, etc etc".
Great stuff Emptym. Will you be writing about the bespoke process of your suit?
@kentpope Thanks for the post. Haberdasher just cancelled my blue static mix, so this came in perfect timing. Got the Navy.   Just my opinion but I really like the weave & steel buttons on the stark. Gives it a little oomph.
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