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I remember hearing a talk about batch of sweats with drawstrings instead of Lounge pants 2.0 style. Would this be the appropriate time to gather people for the french terry make or what?   Also does anyone know if the bamboo sorona sweats going to be another time?
Where are your usual wonderful pics HeavenResign?!
@NOBD Did you line your flannels or do the collars stand up fine without any lining?
 There's one posted in the old thread. Only one pic of the polo in action from what I know.http://www.styleforum.net/t/476230/wolf-vs-goat-official-affiliate-thread-new-april-16-2015/690#post_7938200
@Justtemple: How's the fit of the suit? Is it very simple/same as the knit blazers? Are the pants same cut as enzo?
That's amazing! How on earth do you get that sorta result with just the weekend, RKD?
@veekta Did you put yourself on the excel sheet or did it come without the need to?
  My order of Aug 28, 2013 is in that list.
51 krayzeez (1490) 52 510kut ($1065) 53 nbird ($795) 54 goofy12 ($780) 55 PDinh (1650 United States dollars) 56 Kontos ($450) 57 Yohans301 (780) 58 ro0ts ($741) 59 Gerry Nelson ($885) 60 dieworkwear ($820) 61 panthermodern ($830) 62 darkdestiny ($795)
  No these are not.
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