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I picked up one of everything in medium BD because I need shirts.. never tried the BD before so here we go.
 Do you have a draft itinerary for locations?I need to start saving up for a bespoke suit from you guys! I understand if you don't want to say anything to misalign expectations if things don't come to fruition.
I so would have bought the explorer if I didn't have a stark already. One sweater of that collar type is more than enough for me. He had a mock up with a shawl that I would have insta-copped, but that never went into production :(
I'd like some sizing advice on getting a Comfort Craftsman. I read through the sizing guide, and I don't quite fit the it. I wear a 9.5 EEE in AE Strands. Does anyone have any thoughts or any direction on where I can best get fitted? Thanks in advance.   Edit: Seems like I'd do fine in a 8.5 Tambo. Not the best but better than any other option.
@bbconair the newsletter referred to by others is for reward program members.
 I actually thought the same thing too when I saw the newsletter lol
Did you have to take any special width considerations with the sneakers?
I wish I had that issue.. at $60 I'd find use for them. I just wish I had a way to try them on.
 I'm going to generalize but I think cellulose family material is prone to pilling. It's just the nature of the fabric and how it ages vs how durable it is (holes).
What do you guys think about the summer shirt being a black henley? Henley and black are non-summer items to me, but the fabric is clearly super airy. It's such a mash up.
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