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So I took some better pics of my 38R Napoli.  Pants were hemmed, otherwise no alterations were made.  I am interested in your thoughts, I (in my limited experience) am very happy with the purchase.  (1 of my sleeves is slightly bunched up, disregard my right cuff).  
Yes, Napoli.  I took it to alterations (Paul's Alteration Center) and he thought it was fine, no alterations needed (he mentioned he could lengthen the sleeves if I want but it's not necessary).  I heard him mutter things in Italian like "bellisimo", so I assume that's a good sign :) The only thing I have to do is hem the pants.  Better pics of jacket to come tonight.
I received my suit.  Took pics, but they look crappy; will take more tonight and post them, before I take them to alterations guy.  From my amateur perspective, I am happy with the fit.  Sleeves will need to be lengthened, and pants hemmed, but otherwise it feels great.   Edit: Posted crappy pics anyway.  Any feedback?    
(1st post)   I just bought this one on the 5th, and should arrive home to Toronto on Monday.  This is my first real suit in a while, I'm 5'11, 180 Lbs, and generally wear 38R or 38L.  I picked up a 38R; I'll post pics when I get it.  Excited!
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