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Sorry, but this sort of riff-raff is what keeps disappointing the spirit of this 'good taste' thread to readers like myself, and I imagine to the members who have tried to be helpful.   This is not WAYWRN, although some members have started to treat it as such. This is simply not the place to post novice, garish outfits or to ask basic questions (the answers to which can easily be found by searching past discussions). I know you must be genuinely interested in learning...
Thanks to Manton & others for trying to right this listing ship. A previous comment also summarized "good taste" fairly: you should only post outfits that you consider as much better than your average outfit. By this measure, it is unlikely anyone should be posting daily or every other day.
Just checked with Unionmade -- they're all out of sizes 8, 8.5, 9 of the Ravello Kirkwood boots
There were recent comments that Marlows & other models are now out of stock because of the sale, unlikely you'd be able to get them at that price.
A sizing question -- I've read multiple accounts here of 42 F-last = 9 US and got a pair of used F-last single-sole oxfords. I've worn them a few times and it has caused a lot of pain in my heels. Would wearing them more & breaking them in help at all? Or should I size up to 42.5 in the F-last?   For comparison, I wear a 8UK in the JL 7000, 9D US in most American shoes. I do have a high instep, which is what prompted me to consider the F-last above others.
  This is the right approach to thinking about shoe trees. The wood in the shoe trees do not absorb that much moisture -- some higher-end shoe trees are even lacquered. Their main purpose is to keep the shoe's shape. And you want to do this while the leather is still warm from wearing.   In practice, you should be rotating your shoes in such a way that the moisture would have had plenty of time to evaporate anyway. So the effect of leaving the shoe to dry for some time...
Not a big fan of brogues?
Bean boots are great. I got the unlined version, thinking that with heavy wool socks it would be enough for the winter. Big mistake.
  I'd recommend a shepherd's check tie with your dark navy suit, such as this one. It's a classic for weddings.   Nothing too loud with the socks, a textured medium/dark grey would serve you well.   - D&T
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