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I neglected to post this photo I took this summer - Rancourts in their natural habitat (the coast of Maine).
This is really nice - I've been thinking of having something very similar made, and it's good to see they did such a nice job. If you don't mind me asking, how much did this set you back?
 This is all I've got right now - but overall I think they did a nice job with the buttonholes.
 Here are a few shots of the jacket itself - I won't have more shots of me wearing the jacket until we get our pictures back from the photographer. [[SPOILER]]
^ Thanks! The pants were my fourth pair from luxire, so they were an iterative process. For the vest I sent in the requested measurements, and it turned out pretty well. For the jacket I sent in one that fit me pretty well, with some requested changes. I found out the hard way after my first jacket from luxire that one oughtn't make changes to complicated things like the neck and balance - it's just too hard to get right from across the world. So I took a jacket that fit...
Here's a quick picture of the suit luxire made for my wedding last week. Suit and shirt are from luxire - suit fabric is Dugdale new fine worsted.
Here's a picture from my wedding last week:   Note that I had on black shoes and no hat for the ceremony, but decided panama and spectators were appropriate for drinks on the lawn afterwards.
I have a sportcoat that luxire made for me based on a jacket I sent in, and I'm happy with it. And actually, the blue dugdale jacket and vest luxire posted above are mine, and I should be receiving them shortly (along with the pants to go with them). The issues I have with my first jacket are basically entirely my fault - I asked them to lower the collar, which was a mistake, given that it's impossible to know how much to do that without fitting in person. Fortunately, my...
 I have a cheap panama from Panama Bob's ebay site, and I quite like it. I don't wear it enough to justify a more expensive one, and I've heard that the cheaper ones are more breathable anyways.
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