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@Portland Dry Goods about how much is the custom upcharge when ordering through you? If it's close, I'd just as soon do that. Thinking of a bison penny loafer on RLH sole. 
I've been toying with joining the club by ordering a pair of bison penny loafers, and this may just have pushed me over the edge...Though harder to justify ordering loafers given winter will be upon us soon (and I'm in the upper midwest).
I think you'll be much better off sending them a jacket that fits you reasonably well as a starting point - jackets are a lot more complex than a shirt. They also offer a wearable test-fit jacket that I think is very much worth while - it's an unstructured jacket made out of cotton khaki, and I think having a first iteration as a test makes a lot of sense (I just received my test fit jacket today, and I'm very very impressed).
   I was told by Rancourt that they won't resole camp-soled shoes with the reltex lactae hevea soles, just fyi. I think maybe they have done it, but weren't happy with the results. That said, I also have a pair of ranger mocs on the aspen sole, and they're really great.
 I ordered some madras from Atlantis Fabrics and had you all make it into shirts, and I'm very happy with them. The fabric was shipped to me from India (and I then turned around and shipped it back to India...). As far as oxfords, I'd be interested in checks and tattersalls mostly, perhaps plaids.
Regarding a wishlist - I'd love to see some lightweight, gauzy Indian madras, and some patterned oxfords.
^ Hmm.. When I asked rancourt about getting my pinch pennies (with camp sole) resoled with a reltex sole, they told me they couldn't do it, because of the stitch holes it would expose. Curious.
Does anyone know if Rancourt will resole a shoe with camp soles with something like a reltex sole that requires a midsole? I emailed rancourt to ask, but never got a response.
I have a pair of camp mocs in the light brown buckaroo, and while they did stretch, it wasn't as much as my pair of cxl loafers. The buckaroo pair started out very very tight (almost painfully so) but stretched out enough to be just right with thin socks. The cxl pair started out the same, but is now best with thicker socks.
I neglected to post this photo I took this summer - Rancourts in their natural habitat (the coast of Maine).
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