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I have a sportcoat that luxire made for me based on a jacket I sent in, and I'm happy with it. And actually, the blue dugdale jacket and vest luxire posted above are mine, and I should be receiving them shortly (along with the pants to go with them). The issues I have with my first jacket are basically entirely my fault - I asked them to lower the collar, which was a mistake, given that it's impossible to know how much to do that without fitting in person. Fortunately, my...
 I have a cheap panama from Panama Bob's ebay site, and I quite like it. I don't wear it enough to justify a more expensive one, and I've heard that the cheaper ones are more breathable anyways.
@luxire, what would be my best bet for sending cloth to you to be made into shirts? Can it be sent to the NJ office, or should it go directly to India? Did the cheaper option you mentioned back in March (quoted above) ever get sorted out?
I'd think that unfused and unlined may be too floppy for madras, especially in a non button down collar. I feel like I'd go for a light unfused interlining.
Luxire,When might the cheaper / free option for sending things to you become available? For instance if I'm planning on sending a sportcoat in to you to serve as the template for a jacket should I wait for a week or two, or would it be much longer than that?
They charge when they start work, and then you get a notification once it ships. That's been my experience on my orders at any rate. It seems to be around a week from starting work to getting the shipment notification generally.
Yeah, that's the other change I'm going to make on the next one. I've lost a bunch of weight recently, so I could take it in by a couple inches with no trouble. I decided not to have that altered on this so I can easily wear a thick sweater underneath.
I thought I would share a quick pic of my Luxire cord jacket. The sleeve pitch is off which causes some wrinkling at the top of the sleeves and the collar isn't as tight as it could be, but I'm happy overall (and those issues should be fixed on my next order). Shirt and trousers are also Luxire.
What about the Kent Wang stud set? It looks like it comes with four, double sided with onyx on one side and mop on the other. They've also got lots of cufflink options.
You might also consider the white royal oxford - it's fine enough that it isn't too casual, and it is pretty nice. I also have the white twill, and it's ok, though fairly thick and seems to wear fairly warm (it's also slightly itchy). It does seem to resist wrinkles pretty well though.
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