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Hey Guys, Just received a pair of these boots.  It was a toss up between this and the IRs. I think it was the less bulbous toe that sealed it for me. I am an 11.5D in most dress shoes, and I guessed right reading the many posts in this thread; I went down 0.5 size and got  a proper fit. I'll be able to wear medium socks if needed. HOWEVER, Ima beat the HELL outta these first, to get that 'vintage' look, and then want to polish em up to look like these....   Any...
Quik note, I wanted to add my impressions about Luxire. I'm a big guy (linebacker), and just took delivery of a test purchase. I got an oxford 'warzone' tailored to my measurements, and the quality and fit is impressive. I'll be placing a large order in time for the holidays. I highly recommend Luxire; I'm amazed at the bang-per-buck quality of this shirt!
Huh? I thought they had these in D or 2E? Would YOU recommend the 11 2E?
Hi All, New to the forum after lurking awhile. Summer is over and now it's time for some hiking. Feelin' those Danner MLII's. I just had my foot measured and am an 11.5D. What size would anyone suggest? No store ~ me carries them. Also, any good deals online with these boots currrently? Thanks for any responses. 
Hello, I just discovered these wallets. I really would like one! I read thru this entire thread and it's over a year old, so can anyone direct me on where to buy one?  I live in the eastern US. PM me if you have any information. Thanks in advance.
Whoa, I guess that's a good price, but I'll save up the extra $ for the Aldens....
Hello to All,   I wanted to drop in and say how much I have enjoyed reading the forums on this site. I am a R&D scientist, so we 'nerds' don't get out much! I am trying to shed that image, so I figured a style change was in order. This seems to be the right place to start the 'metamorphosis'.   With Regards, Pecos Bill
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