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Some nice belts. I need to get myself a pair of Alden chukkas too. On another note, my EP package has been stuck at custom since last Sunday.
    Thanks all!!
Thanks. I own a pair with Dainite. I mean how does it different from Tomir in terms of wear, feel, traction etc.
Leather sole would be my first choice. I have never own Tomir sole. How does it compare to Dainite?@golfinz@steveyoo1983
I was thinking trousers first. What's the pricing on a pair?I want to get a medium grey suit at some point and am waiting for the grey core suit. But I would only order suit if I can try them first so I am waiting on the Toronto store...
While you are checking, can you also find out whether you have the cloth for the Mid Grey Sharkskin SoHo please?
I don't wear sneaker that often and I got the white tennis shoes recently. But these pictures of horsehide are going to make it difficult to pass on them....
I would be in for the split toe but in that leather though...
They are so nice. I would be interested too if we have another GMTO run on this exact model.
That split toes are so nice. Any extra pairs in size 8?
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