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That's great man! I like the fit and fabric a lot too. I do have some doubt on the wide lapels for me though. I am not a big guy and I don't know if I would look good with wide lapels. I am also pondering the Havana Blue Plain jacket which has similar fit to Hudson (I think) and standard lapel width. The fabric is also quite interesting. http://us.suitsupply.com/en_CA/jackets/havana-blue-plain/C927I.html?cgid=Jackets
 Thanks. Haha, that guy at the back does make the DB looks good.Thanks. Yes. I always have the problem with OTR suit, the shoulder is right but then the lapel doesn't lay flat. Sizing up one the shoulders might not fit well. Maybe I can let out the chest a bit.
    So I went to the store and try out the suit today. I think the fit is pretty good. I couldn't take a picture of my back. There is a bit of extra fabric on my upper back but otherwise I am pretty satisfy with the fit. What do you guys think? 
I think the only time I need to replace my dress shirts is when I have accidentally left some noticeable marks that cannot be washed away (e.g. spaghetti sauce, projectile vomiting from my toddlers, etc.)
Thanks. I will probably give this one a try.
Thanks for the information. What will the event end?
Thoughts on this Hudson suit? It might not be a formal business suit but I think I can wear this at my work place. Also, I think the jacket can be worn as a sport coat.   http://us.suitsupply.com/en_CA/suits/hudson-blue-plain/P4714I.html?cgid=Suits  
+1The olive or Moss green is good.
The royal oxford OTR shirts are coming in too?
Would you consider light gray walt size 32?
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