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I am in the same size (150 - 155lbs, 5'8"). I am waiting for the slim fit sport coat but sounds like the contemporary might work too.
When do you expect you will have the model 2 sportcoats in slim fit?
Good taste. haha.I also wanted to order the navy hopsack jacket but I think the slim one will be a better fit for me so I am going to wait a bit. Post pics when you get yours!!
Got these today. I like the full spread collar a lot.  
The sport coats are in Contemporary fit only??
Ordered the linen shirts. Are the sport coats going to be online soon?
So when are they going to be online?
There are a couple of times that they said they attempt delivery but did not leave a notice. I found the Canada Post tracking has become less reliable these days. Speaking of Canada Post, I just realize that they have introduced a new service called FlexDelivery. You can designate a post office, maybe one close to work, and have your goods ship to there. Free of charge. Anyone tried it? I might try it since I am always at the office when they try to deliver my stuffs.
I think I need that linen shirt and the hopsack sport coat. What other shirts are coming?
I think the first picture is fairly accurate. However, they do fade somewhat as you wash and wear them.
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