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I do find the armhole and bicep on the slim 15 a little large. It would be nice if those can slim down a bit. I would like to see some pin oxford too. The one I have is indigo pin oxford and I like it a lot.
Looks like it is this one. 
The Fresco offering is great. I need to come visit the store to determine whether model 2 will work for me. Need that downtown store to open ASAP!!
I would like to know more.
Interested to see the whole outfit. I like my indigo hopsack a lot but find it difficult to incorporate into my rotation.
Submitted mine a week or two ago for the Harlech
Hi, can someone comment on the different between 325 last and 360 last please,specifically on the toe room? I am a UK8E for 325 last. Based on my research,I should be in the same size for 360 last. My concern is that 360 last has a more tapered toe box and I need to size up. I have had problem with shoes where most places fit except the toe box. For reference US9 Brooks Brother Peal & Co hatch grain boots (coniston?) Uk8E Carmina rain last Uk8E Carmina Detroit...
@spiermackay   Rick, is it possible to take a picture with the Light Grey and Medium Grey side by side?
Wondering if there is a darker khaki cramerton...
Saw some new Chambray on Instagram. Are they coming soon?
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