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Looking forward to the sport jacket too.
Ordered a pair of Carmina from Skoak about a year ago and didn't get hit with anything. It was this pair.
Are the stripe oxford the same fabric as the one used for the OCBD released recently?
Probably for casual.
I think I need this...but which one??
I have seen a couple of complaints about the collars being too stiff. I actually like it because I don't wear tie everyday and the collar holds up the entire day. I have a couple of custom and OTR and all collars hold their shape well. I wonder if you have gotten the casual shirts, which I don't own any. The casual shirts might have different collars?? But yes, I wouldn't order 10 shirts on my first try to a new company...
I would be interested in medium gray new fit suit as well.
I need a restock of slim fit oxford in light blue please!!
Rick. They look great. Do you have a short description on fabric/weight on each?
It is gold if you find a OTR suit that fits you perfectly on the shoulder and chest!!
New Posts  All Forums: