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did you get the new white shirts that Rick introduced a couple of days ago?
  I am looking for a light weighted navy. This looks good!!!
What's the 4th one from the left?
I use the tarrago nano protector. Bought it from leatherfoot.
I like the light colour ones at the top.
Stripes and checks for me.
 This sounds good. Any plan for this material in light blue?Thanks. I ordered the pale blue oxford recently. I am looking forward to it.
[[SPOILER]] Thanks for the review. I have the Blue Morningside Gingham on order. Looking forward to it.
 For this price, I think it can't be beat. I orderd a slim. Similar to @NickInTO experience, I like the back to be a little slimmer too. I also find the armholes and bicep to be a bit too roomy for me. But for off the rack shirts, I think this is pretty good fit. In terms of the collar, I like it a lot. Here is a quick picture of me wearing the shirt before it is washed. I know Rick has spent a lot of time looking for a good fabric at a reasonable price and I think he has...
I received my shirts yesterday. I am pretty happy with them at this price!! Rick needs to bring in some stripe.
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