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I wear 31 for unis gio and 30 for Westpoint chino.
Couple of years ago, I bought Allen Edmond wide basic belts from their factory 2nd outlet but the belts are first quality. They were around USD$65 each. The quality is much better than the ones I bought from Winners in the past. They come in many different colours too. Obviously, it would have been better value if our dollar is still strong.
That's good to know. I have been thinking of getting the rhino oxford.
I like these new ones. Will the royal oxford make it to OTR or they will be for custom only?
Nice. Unfortunately too big for me.
That's great. I am looking forward to them!!
Order a couple of OTR shirts last night. I am a size 15 slim. I will be interested to see how the modification is.
Very nice
Allen Edmond Strand
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