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Looks good man. What fabric did you go with on this one?
Has anyone tried their MIA shirts? I am wondering whether their size is similar to their slim fit and if the fabrics are significantly better.
Gentlemen, I just discovered this thread and feel this should be kept alive. Here are some other MTM tailors in TO.   http://madeclothing.ca/   Made Clothing offers MTM. Their suits are made in Canada. I found that they don't have as many customization options as other MTM shops I have experienced with. The lapel is a bit on the slim side and jackets are a bit short imo. They are definitely offering the trendy, modern look.   http://robertjonesmenswear.com/   High...
Interested in this.
Really looking forward to these
Accidentally picked up two pearl gray. I am emailing Mike to remove one of them so one might come back up later.
Picked up the grey brushed twill flannel. I hope this is it for me today....
Any news on the OCBD?
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