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Wonder if the Garand is dropping today as well...
Thanks!! I have learned many painful lessons that you just can't sleep on something you really like when it comes to Epaulet. I am glad this one will be restocked.
Got my speckled chambray today and I put it on right away. I am in between small and medium for EPNY shirt and the medium in EPLA fits me well.     Close up
Thanks. PM sent.
Some new fabrics are nice. I am still waiting for my first shirt to be made and get the fit right before I can order new ones though...
The Hudson also has a wider lapel. This is me trying on the Hudson sport coat. 
Quote:I don't have picture but I pretty much just copied this shirt.
  I really like the soft ivy bd but I feel it might be too much if I am wearing the shirts untucked. I have a casual shirt with soft president and it's great.
Yes. me too. However, the 'next few months' can be a long time though...
These are great. I like the mini gingham and Tacoma Plaids. How heavy are they? I think they are on the light side for flannel. Do you have something heavier?
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