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I am interested in the holdall. It would be great to have an option to choose leather or canvas strap as @Lceaucx suggested.    
Hi Rick, I think you mentioned that there will be medium grey (the core one) suit coming in the new Model 2 fit. What do you expect them to arrive?
Just found this thread. Subscribed!!  
Received my custom order yesterday. The pin oxford is very nice but the blue Tallinger Stripe is on another level. Also I ordered up 3 TM shirts, hoping they will be just as good if not better.
[[SPOILER]] Very nice. I will probably pick up at least one.
No size small?
Are sportcoat coming soon?
Looking forward to the sport jacket too.
Ordered a pair of Carmina from Skoak about a year ago and didn't get hit with anything. It was this pair.
Are the stripe oxford the same fabric as the one used for the OCBD released recently?
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