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What kind of fabrics you are going to have?
Thanks Rick. I got the slim. They are large everywhere from waist, hip, thigh and knee. I am probably going to exchange for a 30.
I just received my OTR shirt order today and took a quick picture.  Pretty satisfy with the fit, especially for OTR. My only concern is that the sleeves might be too short and I haven't washed it yet.   I also ordered the gray flannel trousers. Unfortunately they are too large. I need to size down but the next size down is a 30 (the one I got is a 32). I am afraid the 30 will be too tight. In terms of the fabric, they are great for the price I paid. They are light...
I ordered a pair of the med gray flannel trousers and a shirt. Hoping they will fit. Interested in the POW check trousers as well but what jacket and shirt to wear it with? Navy sport coat and plain shirt?
Nice shirts. I really like the button down collar. Are these shirt fabrics on their website?
Thinking about the same thing. The more I look at the cigar, the more I like it ...
Wonder if the Garand is dropping today as well...
Thanks!! I have learned many painful lessons that you just can't sleep on something you really like when it comes to Epaulet. I am glad this one will be restocked.
Got my speckled chambray today and I put it on right away. I am in between small and medium for EPNY shirt and the medium in EPLA fits me well.     Close up
Thanks. PM sent.
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