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Price dropped to CAD$250!!
   haha, you guys aren't helping for me to make the decision...
I am considering the field jacket on either the blue donegal or navy technical. I really like the blue donegal but think the navy one would be more versatile.
Some excellent choices
Good stuffs. Which navy did you go with? There are a couple of different shade navy/dark blue. I am still thinking which fabric to go with.
They do have the swatches in the downtown store. I was there on Monday and saw them.
So what is the design you guys planning to get? I like classic-gunmetal-tan, classic-gunmetal-navy and classic-silver-mocha.
Rick @spiermackay From the website, the classic khaki and British khaki look quite similar. How different are they under natural light?
Are they in the Toronto store? I might drop by later this week. Also, if I want to return an item, I can bring it to the Toronto store, right?
Are these the graphite brushed twill?
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