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This is a good question....
These are nice. Half a size too small. I will let borbor take them. ^^
I like medium blue and pink. I wouldn't mind trying burgundy as well. Pretty much align with other gents here. Patch hip pockets, barchetta chest and minimal to no shoulder padding. I would buy the pants too. Do you have medium gray hopsack? I would buy a medium gray hopsack suit from your full canvas program.
Yes. I am looking for a mid-gray as well.
Rick, keep doing that re-cal, the price might come down more.   Looking forward to it. Do you think it will be available by the time your Toronto store is ready?
I think it's the blue tallinger stripe.
New additions.
I have a shirt in the same fabric. It is very nice.   
I remember reading some comments from a website of another shirt company (which is also an affiliated vendor on SF). People were asking why their OCBD has no pocket. Personally I prefer an OCBD with a pocket but no pocket for formal dress shirts.
Interested in the grey Italian donegal tweed. How dark is it? Close to charcoal?
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