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Can someone who has the white polo comment on the sheerness please?
Apologize if this has been asked before. I bought a LBM 1911 recently and the sleeves are about one inch too long. I think I should get the waist taken in a bit as well. Are these jobs relatively easy for a good tailor? Since the coat has working cuffs, do I have to move the button up as well when shortening the sleeves? Thanks in advance.
Mike, I want to know more about this cloth as well please. Thanks.
Just saw this thread. Looking forward for you guys to set up a shop in downtown Toronto.
Really like that walnut color!!!
I hope the overdye black will work but if not I will go with the indigo dyed anyway.
Agree on this. It will require a lot of effort to narrow things down. Can't wait to see the rest.I am debating on getting the Pale Khaki or Coffee.....
The Linen looks great!! What colors are we going to see for the Military Twill standard?
Me too!!
No it won't. The powder is supposed to absorb the moisture and odor.  Well, it never turned into a paste for me but I guess it depends how much sweat you have....
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