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Wearing my navy polo today. I really like the collar.
I am also in the 'do not size up' camp. I am normally a small in most brand and I bought a medium Kent Wang polo. It was too big.
Thanks for the information and sorry to hear about your experience. It seems like Carmina direct is the only one that has the model I like. However, the duty and tax are too much to deal with.
I might be down for mid-brown but then those cordovan are just stunning. Also, I have a pair of almost new chocolate suede chukka that I want to let go. They don't fit me as good as I would like. PM me for details.
Has anyone bought directly from Carmina before? I am wondering what the import duty/tax will be.
I think the first picture is actually the vegano maron that Gentlement Footwear ran a GMTO couple of months ago. Calf, not cordonvan.... But thanks for posting the link to the cognac cordovan chukka. They are beautiful!!
Good stuffs. I wish we were in the same size.
If the economist said they're good, I don't think you can go wrong!! They do look good for the price!!
Are you bringing this in for RTW?
What size do you wear for Epaulet and Gitman Vintage?
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