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  They made one for me in the soft grey herringbone - it's one of my favourites now. I'll try and take a picture for you when I get back home.   Donovan.
  I'm on my 6th shirt - and I've had them make me ones in exactly those fabrics and I've not had any issues what so ever. As for the pocket square vs the collar stays, I think it was actually a random gift - though don't quote me on that.   I'd definitely email Luxire and see what they have to say. I'd be surprised if they don't sort things out quite quickly.   Donovan.
I just received my second order and once again the fit and finish is quite nice. This time around I ordered a pair of shirts that were more casual in style and fabric, including  one that was a brown plaid flannel - not a shirt I'd ever have imagined myself buying, but maybe I've just been in England too long and miss my native Canada. Regardless, I had to laugh when I was ironing it and noticed how meticulous they were about pattern matching. Each of the seams on the...
  I'm happy now that I see the end results - just sent in the new order, thanks for the help!   Donovan.
Just received my first pair of shirts yesterday. Ordered Oct 21, received Nov 21     Fabrics:   Luxire Privilege Collection Blue Micro Herringbone Lustrous Fine White   I had asked for button-down collars with the buttons hidden - not an option on the ordering page, but I sent a picture and they said no problem.   I'll take some pictures of the shirts tonight and post them, but in a nutshell they were well worth the wait. I was getting a little cross...
  If the website states that there is a 5 day turnaround for orders, then being patient means that you wait for an extra couple of days before getting bothered.   I'm currently coming up on day 22 (or 15 business days) for the shirts that I ordered back in October. I'm bothered.   Managing expectations is pretty critical in business, so my recommendation to Luxire at the moment would be to double or triple their posted delivery times for their shirts - that way people are...
Just started on my MTM shirt journey - I've ordered one from ModernTailor, one form iTailor, and as of last night two from Luxire. Here's the first one to arrive!       This was the $20 Blue Oxford intro shirt (ModernTailor)     -Donovan
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