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I bought the large stripe one in size 50 last time around, and found that the fit was really good around the shoulders, but it was a bit baggy in the body. A bit like the mallory really. The length was good too, not too long. I'm a 40" chest and 32" waist, to put it in context. 
The Yellow Cameraman is the one I'm wearing the most right now. I've decided it's my Autumn coat instead of a summer coat, firstly because it was too hot to wear in Summer, but mostly because it now fits right with a jumper underneath. I was slightly disappointed with the fit in the Summer (size 50) but it's all good now. Cabourn knows best.
Is it just me or are there different items displayed every time you log on? That beige hunting jacket wasn't there before.. And did someone actually buy the jumper with the brown boots on it?!   :-s
Shotgun on the tweed waistcoat tomorrow..
I managed to get in too.. It seems you can only buy the summer stuff though.. bizarrely, summer items that weren't even in the recent Marrkt summer sale?!   Dunno what's going on, but there are some utterly giveaway prices on the summer stuff..
I saw that in the Marrkt reminder email too. Was quite happy myself, that was my fav collaboration piece from last winter. Might be on the cards if the size and price is right.   Curious to see which Highland 2000 items will be included too!
I agree, fascinating read..   Where does Nigel fit into that then? Surely he's only a small or even very small company?   An odd concept (for me being in a different industry) is that a buyer can't drive prices down as he buys more and more? You'd have thought it'd be the opposite.
I had a look at SEH Kelly and Cro'jack as well based on the comments in the thread and I thought there was something missing style-wise.. Although they do seem to be well-made.. Old Town is another quite interesting brand more or less in the same vein (heritage designs, made in England, etc) but with reasonable prices (   2pm on the 9th October seems to be taking bladdy ages to come around btw...
That's reassuring to know I'm not the only one with the same addiction and a disapproving wife.. ;-) Nice video btw, that must be the original RAF parka that Nigel has based his on..
Just picked up the beige lapel waistcoat from marrkt for 77 quid... despite saying that the summer spree was over.. oh well i was thinking about paying 140 quid the other day..
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