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Oh my goodness.. has been updated! It says there's a new e-commerce site coming in February.. How exciting!
Awesome.. can't wait for the H&M Mallory..  lovingly crafted by Guangzhou's finest artisans...
Slide 13 you should check out Stoy Munkholm.. Although it says they have a brown black in 48 on their site, this isn't actually correct.. I ordered the 48, but they sent me a 52 by mistake.. That's getting sent back today and they're sending me the 48 out. If you call Michael (his number is on their site) he's very helpful. The best part? It was 50% off, €400... !
The cheapest I saw was an army coloured one at Ushowu which was €1100, but has since gone up in price again.   I saw a similar video on You Tube where the guy he's talking to keeps saying that the Parka is so expensive, and in the end Nigel angrily storms off .. But at the end of the video you see it was just a set-up.. Hilarious! Anyway in that video he shows a parka which someone snowboarded in, and it is indeed nicely beaten up..
Don't listen to the wife.. If I listened to mine I'd have NO Cabourn in the wardrobe..   My 2p's worth? I think the 4 way roll neck (or any roll neck for that matter) would go well with that coat!
Shotgun that one with brown boots on it..
I thought so too.. the herringbone ones particularly..
A mistake surely?. The Mallories and other products more or less correspond to prices elsewhere, but all the down jackets are way cheaper.. Or maybe down is exempt from tax in Denmark or something..   ??
LOL.. 'Identical in many ways' indeed..
Hmm tricky one.. The stripe shirt is made in Japan but I think the flannel one might be made in England. The flannels from last season (which I saw in, erm, Flannels..) were made in England so I don't know if the sizes correspond exactly.
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